Maybe you know this already, but a few weeks ago, we premiered 2 new Esurance commercials (yeah!). These commercials focus on our great rates and the fact that our customers really (really) like us. They also introduce our new tagline, insurance for the modern world®.

As with any new campaign, the commercials sparked quite a bit of conversation — especially on our Facebook Wall — and we love the feedback. A lot of you asked about the voice of the Esurance commercials, and the Esurance talking dog (Ultimate Dog Tease).

And many of you actually stopped by our Wall and left us a line or two. (Thanks!) Some of the feedback we received was good, some was bad, and some was … well, a little ugly. But we don’t mind. Being a modern company means being open to the kind of dynamic dialogue that comes only through social media channels. And while we will remove anything profane or offensive from our Wall (in the interest of professionalism), the rest we leave.

Through it all, we listen and try to learn. For more than a decade, we’ve been working to make car insurance better from quote to claim (and beyond), and many of our customers express their appreciation via Facebook. Our customers also know that if they have a problem or question, they can just let us know on our Wall or via @esurancecares and someone will get in touch to help them out. It’s exactly the kind of modern business exchange we take pride in.

So although the new Esurance commercials have generated a flurry of Facebook feedback — some great, some not so great — we’re always happy to field critiques, criticisms, and (of course) compliments as they come! So keep ’em coming … “eesh” or not, we’re always listening.

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