Let’s be honest. No one likes dealing with insurance. It’s confusing. It’s a hassle. And it’s too expensive. Esurance is making it simple, transparent, and affordable. In other words, we’re making insurance surprisingly painless.

And what better way to do that than by making car insurance coverages easier to understand?

Enter the Coverage Counselor®, an online tool from Esurance that makes it simple to find the right car insurance coverages for you.

Coverage Counselor makes insurance simple and transparent

At Esurance, we get it. Most people don’t want to be insurance experts. But everyone wants to feel confident that they have the coverage they need if worse comes to worst.

That’s why we developed Coverage Counselor. It’s an easy-to-use online tool that asks you a few simple questions and then gives you coverages to consider based on your answers. So you can be sure you’re looking at coverages tailored to your needs.

In other words, Coverage Counselor takes the guesswork out of car insurance – making it super straightforward and understandable. It explains coverages for you to consider in words that make sense. No confusing gobbledy gook. So you can feel confident about getting the protection that’s right for you.

How Coverage Counselor works

Simple. It’s all done online and it only takes a few minutes to answer a handful of questions.

Once you’ve provided some basic info about yourself, your car(s), and your needs, Coverage Counselor will provide a detailed list of coverages for you to consider. It also suggests specific limits and deductibles along with explanations of why they’re worth considering. (Printable and email-friendly versions included.)

That’s it. Then just get a quote with all your new-found know-how and rest easy knowing you’re covered!

Try Coverage Counselor

Give it a spin. Try Coverage Counselor today to see just how surprisingly painless it can be to understand your car insurance needs.

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