If there were a real Car Insurance 101, your notes from the first lesson would read something like: Car insurance protects you and your assets in case of an accident.

Pretty simple, right?

But past day one, things could get pretty complex pretty fast. You’d have to buy flash cards with terms like “deductible,” “total loss,” and “personal injury protection” on one side and mini-epics of explanation on the other.

And the final exam would probably involve managing all the claims resulting from a 16-car pileup caused by a frantic squirrel (who no doubt emerged absolutely unscathed).

Enter the Coverage Counselor® online tool from Esurance, aka, the CliffsNotes of car insurance.

The Coverage Counselor helps simplify car insurance

Let’s face it: most of us have neither the time nor the inclination to really bone up on car insurance. But if we want to drive, we’ve gotta have it.

That’s why we developed the Coverage Counselor. It’s like Car Insurance 101, except geared only toward those aspects of car insurance that mean something to you.

It’s not bone-dry and deadly boring either. It’s interactive … it asks you questions, explains why it’s asking those questions, provides suggestions — and explains why it’s making those suggestions. It’s all done online and it only takes a few minutes to work your way through a dozen or so questions. (The number of questions varies by state in order to provide the most relevant info.)

Once you’ve provided some basic info regarding yourself, your car(s), and your needs, the Coverage Counselor will provide a detailed list of coverages for you to consider. It also suggests specific limits and deductibles along with explanations of why you should consider them. (Printable and email-friendly versions included.)

Plus, you can easily get a quote using the very same coverages the Coverage Counselor offered for your consideration.

Using the Coverage Counselor

In short, the Coverage Counselor helps you find the coverages that are right for you. (And by “right” we mean the coverages that give you all the protection you need with none of the features you don’t.)

So give it a spin. Try the Coverage Counselor today and see just how easy it can be to understand your insurance needs and car insurance in general.

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