Dennis Quaid: Let’s be honest. Every insurance company tells you they can save you money.

Dennis Quaid VO: Save up to 10% when you bundle with Esurance.

Dennis Quaid: Including me, Esurance spokesperson Dennis Quaid.

Woman: He’s a pretty good spokesperson.

Dennis Quaid: So when I say drivers who switched from GEICO to Esurance saved an average of $412*, you probably won’t believe me.

Dennis Quaid: Hey actor lady who’s seen this cut.

Actor Lady: Hi?

Dennis Quaid: But you can believe this Esurance employee, Nancy Abraham. Seriously, send her an email and ask her yourself.


Nancy: No emails.

Dennis Quaid: No emails.

Dennis Quaid VO: When insurance is affordable, it’s surprisingly painless.

*Based on avg. savings reported by customers who switched from GEICO to Esurance in 2017 and saved.

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