Our newest commercial, “Mix Tape,” features a new Esurance commercial song (well, new for us at least): the 1982 hit “Situation” by Yaz. We think it’s great, and like the other commercials from our Insurance for the Modern World™ campaign, it’s generating a fair number of comments from the Twitterati.

Comments about the ’80s Esurance commercial song

With so many people using their smartphones or iPads when they watch TV, we often get near-instant responses about our commercials via Twitter. For “Mix Tape,” we’ve gotten a lot of comments about the ’80s song.

@Aaron_Nagler tweeted to @thecabinstudio (Vince Clarke of Yaz) that he was happy to hear the song, “even if it’s in an Esurance commercial.” A few others, like @__hobojoe, attributed the background music to Heidi Montag, who sampled “Situation” for her 2009 song “Body Language.”

Well, we’re happy to tell you that we didn’t get the music from Heidi (she was born several years after Yaz released “Situation”). Sorry #Speidi fans!

Comments about mix tapes

For all the love we’ve gotten regarding our “Mix Tape” commercial, some of our friends worried that we were disparaging mix tapes.

@lpstckjrnlst said we were “denouncing mixtapes.” And @aarontap tweeted “If I ever needed a reason to never be an @esurance customer, their new tv ad is it. Don’t dis the venerable mix tape, fools!”

Easy now. We love the mix tape as much as the next guy. Our “Mix Tape” commercial is meant to show how computers and the internet have changed not only the way we consume music, but also how we buy car insurance.

Thanks to those 2 fabulous inventions, Esurance was able to create our new Express Lane™ feature, which makes it easier to get a car insurance quote. With Express Lane, important and sometimes hard-to-find bits of information (like your car’s VIN, your prior insurance info, and even your drivers license number) are automatically added to your quote.

Like the transition from mix tapes to MP3s — which helps music lovers save time by making it easier to create playlists — our Express Lane feature also helps consumers save time by making it easier to get a car insurance quote.

That’s it. No dissing on mix tapes (we’re just as nostalgic for that era as everyone else), just love for the ease and convenience of technology.

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