For as long as there’ve been drivers, there’ve been distracted drivers. But these days, with our phones always an arm’s length away, there are literally a million things that can shift our focus away from the road. And with the latest craze in mobile gaming (you know what we’re talking about here), make that a million and one.

Ok, now as an online company, we’re all about new cool things you can do on your phone. (Ever check out our mobile app? Just sayin’.) But as an insurance company, we’re even more about driving safely.

With that in mind (not to rain on your creature-catching parade), check out our new video: “Don’t Catch and Drive.”

In all seriousness, distracted driving is a big problem and a dangerous one. On average, distracted driving injures 1,161 people and causes 8 fatalities per day. That’s over 425,000 victims per year, not even counting the minor fender benders distractions can also cause.

Of course, you already know that distracted driving is dangerous but hey, with Dingducks and Hydrantacors on the loose, it bears repeating.

Smart people don’t catch and drive

Here are a few pretty smart alternatives to the whole “catching while driving” conundrum.

Catch and ride

According to Game Rant, a number of entrepreneurial go-getters across the country are offering to chauffeur enthusiasts as they search for the rare and elusive. And naturally, some of the bigger ridesharing services (like Uber and Lyft) are also providing a handy solution to the problem of safely chasing down the next big catch.

If you’re not into shelling out cash on your hunt, you might bribe (beg) a friend to drive you around instead.

Catch and walk

Obviously walking’s the main idea here, but why not walk your dog while you’re at it? Why should he be the only one who gets to chase critters, anyway? This way, you avoid driving entirely … and all those Dingducks and Collidaquills while you’re at it.

If you don’t have a dog, you could always borrow one from your local shelter. In fact, there’s an animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana asking for volunteers for this very reason. Smart.

Smart people get Esurance

You get the idea. However you choose to explore, be safe out there, people! And remember, Esurance is the smart choice for car insurance – just in case you ever do happen to catch a Fenderbendix.

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