At Esurance, diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords, they’re core values. So when it comes to diversity in the workplace, we don’t just talk about it, we have a team devoted to it. In 2012, our diversity and inclusion team got to work developing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help provide support for associates in our offices around the country.

What’s an ERG?

Employee Resource Groups bring together associates with common interests to serve as a source of support for one another. Some of the key benefits of these groups include:

  • Offering professional development opportunities
  • Creating a respectful and open work environment
  • Providing the chance to connect with other like-minded associates
  • Reaching out to support local communities

But Esurance associates aren’t the only people who benefit from ERGs — our customers do as well. By employing and supporting people of different backgrounds, we’re able to better understand and communicate with our diverse customer base.

And since our ERGs have been overwhelmingly successful, we plan to continue celebrating diversity in the workplace with even more groups in the future.

Esurance Veterans Engagement Team & Supporters (EVETS)

Our first group, EVETS, launched in 2012 and consists of associates dedicated to supporting veterans and veteran-related issues. EVETS partners with our Talent Acquisition team to aid our veteran-recruiting efforts and offer support to current associates who are veterans or have veterans in their lives.

The group also creates career development opportunities for former military personnel, promotes awareness of veterans’ issues and concerns, and helps serve the needs of veterans in our community.

Recent EVETS activities have included:

  • A job fair for veterans in Sacramento
  • Participation in Tampa’s Run for the Fallen (which spotlights the sacrifices made by the men and women in our armed forces and their families)
  • Veterans Day celebrations in each of our offices


As a longtime supporter of Pride — we offer the married rate to domestic partners even in states that don’t recognize the union — it’s only natural we’d also support equality within our company.

So we created ePride, a group of associates dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) community and their allies at Esurance. Through community outreach and workplace collaboration, the group works to increase awareness of key LGBTQ issues.

Women’s Innovative Network (WIN)

Women have made huge strides in the workplace, but there’s still work to be done. Enter the Women’s Innovative Network (WIN), which is dedicated to supporting the women at Esurance and championing work/life balance initiatives for all associates.

WIN’s goal is to create a culture of inclusion through associate engagement, leadership development opportunities, and community outreach. Recently, for National Wear Red Day, WIN asked Esurance associates to join the American Heart Association in raising awareness for women’s heart disease by wearing red to work.

Diversity in the workplace

ERGs are just one of the ways we celebrate diversity here at Esurance. In fact, we’ve been recognized as a top place to work by numerous organizations. These awards acknowledge our efforts to create and maintain a workplace where diversity and equality thrive.

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