This week is National Customer Service Week — a time for us to recognize how important customer satisfaction is to our success. It’s also an opportunity for us to thank our customer service reps in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as our work-at-home customer service reps and claims reps across the country for all their hard work. And of course, we want to thank our customers (we’d be nothing without you!).

Because Esurance is always looking for ways to improve our customer experience, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us what they value most in terms of customer service. Though the answers varied, a few responses showed up again and again.

According to you, good customer service means:

  • Having a friendly, positive attitude
  • Responding promptly to questions and requests
  • Being consistent and straightforward
  • Treating customers like people, not numbers
  • Having the knowledge, skills, and resources to resolve the issue at hand
  • Communication — someone who really listens to you and understands your concerns (this was the most important thing of all)

Some things you really dislike: being put on hold for long periods of time, being given the runaround, and getting stuck in touch-tone menu purgatory. (We can relate.)

Check out our infographic to see how the responses stack up. And keep offering your feedback (both positive and negative) on how Esurance is doing. It helps us streamline our services and create the kinds of tools and features you want to see.

You can leave your comments below, on our Facebook page, or tweet them to @esurancecares. By the way, we do our best to answer posts and tweets within an hour or less. To see some of the latest online conversations, visit our customer comments page.


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