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While our mobile app earns its fair share of glowing praise (with ratings of about 4.5 out of 5 for both iPhone® and Android™), there are 2 features we get requests for all the time: the ability to update your payment method and change your payment due dates.

In fact, over 40 percent of the feedback we receive includes one or both.

So … we added them.

Change your payment due date with Esurance Mobile

It’s happened to all of us (right?). You’re cruising toward payday when you realize a grand conjunction of unexpected expenses and an important bill (say, your car insurance bill) are about to put a serious cramp in your finances for a couple days.

With Esurance Mobile, it’s not a problem — even if you’re far from your desk. Just log in to push your payment date back and breathe easy. You can make it a one-time change or update the due date for all future payments. How’s that for convenience?

Update your payment method on the go

There are a number of reasons you might want to change your payment method. Maybe you just got a replacement debit card after your old one expired. Or perhaps you’re replacing a credit card with a new, lower-interest one.

No matter the reason, Esurance Mobile makes it fast and easy to change the way you pay. Just log in, enter your new info, and you’re done. You’ll have the option to use either a debit or credit card or automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account.

Update or download Esurance Mobile today

Whether you’re an old hand with Esurance Mobile or haven’t yet discovered its ease and convenience, just go to Google Play or the App Store to download today (or just let your phone do the work if you’re updating).

And if you’re not yet convinced how handy Esurance Mobile can be, you can learn a lot more about it here.

What feature would you like to see next?

As you probably know, we’re always working to improve your Esurance Mobile experience. If you have an idea for functionality that would make your life easier, drop us a line at, tell us all about it on Facebook, or just comment below.

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