The Ford Fusion Hybrid is cool. I mean, just look at it. It’s sleek, sporty, and (one imagines) fun to drive. It seems like it might have all the modern gadgets and gizmos of a Bond car. And with more curves than Brigitte Bardot, it screams “s-e-x-y” not “m-p-g.” But, as the 2013 Green Car of the Year (according to the Green Car Journal), mpg is exactly why we chose it as our new claims car.

Esurance Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion technology

And that’s not all. Bragging rights for this vehicle include a tech package with adaptive cruise control, rear cameras, a lane-keeping system, pull-drift compensation, a blind spot indicator system with cross-traffic alert, and a rear camera (just to name a few highlights).

While the benefits of all this new technology have yet to be tested by our drivers, the benefits of the increased mpg are irrefutable. As you can imagine, our claims team covers a lot of miles each year. In fact, collectively they’ve covered more than 7 million miles since 2008. That’s a lot.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

As a company that cares about minimizing our impact on the environment, any step we can take to reduce emissions is a welcome one. We first began implementing our hybrid claims fleet back in 2006 with the Ford Escape. Today, our claims fleet is 100 percent hybrid, which has helped us reduce our driving emissions by up to 90 percent and halve our carbon dioxide emissions. And while this is good, we’re always looking for ways to do better.

Esurance Hybrid Claims Car

The mileage math

The 2013 Ford Fusion is expected to average about 26 mpg. With the new Fusion Hybrid, however, we expect to get roughly 35 mpg — a whopping 9 more miles for every gallon. If we assume that our appraisers will drive another 7 million miles over the next few years, then our fleet could (collectively) save 69,000 gallons of fuel by 2017!

Of course, that’s a lot of savings for us, which in turn can mean more savings for our customers as well (since we can pass the savings along). And better still, it also means some savings for the planet.

So if you happen to see one of our super sexy, max-mpg, Ford Fusion Hybrids buzzing around your neighborhood … give a thumbs-up for helping to save fuel, and a little green, too.

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