“Esurance is in a relationship … with Allstate. And it looks pretty serious.”

That’s how one of the recent Esurance commercials (the one above, in fact) tackles the question of what it means to be an Allstate company, and it’s a metaphor we’re pretty fond of. Think about it: when you’re in a relationship with someone, you help and support each other. You collaborate on making shared and individual dreams come true.

But you don’t become each other.

In the best kind of relationship, you each remain the distinct individuals you’ve always been, but (hopefully) become even better together. You influence each other, sure, but your own personality remains vibrant and unique.

But what does it all mean — really?

In recent months, our Facebook fans and our customers have asked a lot of questions about what being an Allstate company means. Aside from continuing to operate as our own company with our own rates, what does it mean for our business? If it’s not changing the way we rate policies or present ourselves, then what’s the relationship all about?

Put simply, Allstate helps us meet the needs of a changing world — especially your needs. They back us up financially so we can focus on what we do best, which is building a simpler, more convenient car insurance experience for you. Plus, with 80 years’ worth of experience, Allstate shares lots of tips and insights with us. And we listen. Because what could be smarter than listening to the voice of experience?

What Allstate brings to Esurance

In addition to all that insurance expertise, Allstate provides guidance to help us become even more efficient. And as the largest publicly owned personal insurer in the nation, they helped us upgrade our financial strength rating with A.M. Best from an excellent “A-” to a superior “A+.”

Over time, Allstate’s backing will help us give you more insurance choices (like renters, homeowners, and motorcycle insurance), allowing you to bundle your policies and save on all your insurance needs. All without affecting how we determine our rates.

And that’s a point worth stressing: the relationship doesn’t change how we decide what your premium should be. That’s one of the things that makes us … well, us. (The others being how we handle customer service and claims — don’t worry, those things aren’t changing either.)

Every insurer has its own way of determining rates, which explains why your quote could differ a little (or a lot) when you go to multiple companies to compare. And while explaining our rating methods would bore anyone but an actuary to death, they have helped drivers who’ve switched to Esurance save a ton on car insurance.

Which is pretty exciting.

In a nutshell

When we say we’re in a relationship with Allstate, we mean we’re part of the Allstate family. But we’re keeping our name. And our independence. And our friends (that’s you).

We’re here to help … and to listen

Regardless of our relationship status, we take our job providing you with great insurance coverage and helpful service very seriously. Which is why we’re always open to your feedback and suggestions. Let us know how you think we’re doing!

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