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Homeowners insurance your way

Your home is more than your largest investment — it’s your pride and joy, your dream. And a sound homeowners insurance policy from Esurance can help you protect what matters most. Here are just a few of the benefits of Tennessee homeowners insurance from Esurance:

Protection for what matters most

Homeowners insurance from Esurance can help protect your home from fire, wind, hail, vandalism, and more. If the unexpected occurs, we’ll help repair or rebuild your home, porch, deck, and other attached structures, restoring them to their good-as-new condition. Insuring your home also means protecting everything inside it. With an Esurance homeowners policy, your stuff (furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes) is covered.*

Payment options

Your homeowners policy comes with a 12-month policy term, which you can choose to pay for monthly or in full. If you do pay in full or through your escrow account, you’ll save big (it’s our way of saying thanks for paying up front).

Additional living expense coverage

If a fire (or another covered incident) damages your home and you need somewhere to stay, we’ll help cover your hotel bill, food costs, and other reasonable extra expenses for up to 12 months. The foregoing are only meant to be general descriptions of certain coverages and options. Specific coverages and options available to you will depend on your coverage selections and the terms of your individual policy.

Volunteer State savings

Saving money is smart. Here are a few discounts Tennessee homeowners could qualify for:

Welcome Home discount

Just by choosing Esurance, you qualify for this discount. It’ll be applied during the first 2 years of your policy.

DIY Inspection™ discount

Send us a copy of an official appraisal or inspection report done within the last 12 months and we’ll knock $50 off your premium, just like that.

Loyal Customer discount

Renew your policy with us for at least one term and you’ll qualify for this discount. It’s just our way of saying thanks for being true-blue.

Claim-free discount

This discount will be effective the moment you buy your policy if you haven’t filed a claim within the past year!

Bundle your home and car insurance to save even more

Insure your home and your car with Esurance and we’ll give you a Multi-Policy discount. Plus, you’ll save time and hassle by managing all your policies in one place. The foregoing is a general description of discounts that may be available to you. Actual eligibility for any such discounts will depend on your individual facts and circumstances.

Coverage around the country

Don’t live in Tennessee? Don’t worry, Esurance offers homeowners coverage in many states around the country. Find out if Esurance homeowners is available in your state and see how much you could save. And if you haven’t taken the leap to homeowner status yet, Esurance also offers renters coverage and, of course, auto insurance. *On some categories of personal property, Esurance will pay a set limit. Some exclusions and limits may also apply.

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