With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many hopeless romantics are on the lookout for love, pining for that supportive partner they can trust completely, have at their side for years, and (most important) brag about to their friends

Come to think of it, this steadfast companion can actually be your car insurance company.

Yes, auto insurers can resemble loving spouses or partners in more ways than you’ve ever imagined — if, of course, you have the right one. Because few things are more frustrating than meeting an insurer you think you could love, only to find it’s not what it said it was (or, worse, still lives with its parents).

So is your car insurer a stud or dud? Take our quiz and rate your auto coverage mate.

1. How did you and your car insurer meet?

a)    Set up on a blind quote by friends

b)    Charmed by a late-night commercial … next morning, you were a policyholder

c)    Facebook and Twitter

d)    Good old-fashioned phone conversation

Most lovable answer: A, C, or D. Glossy commercials are nice, but meaningful car insurance relationships only start when you find out what’s beneath the price tag. Whether this involves having friends introduce you to companies they trust, using social media to learn about an insurer’s track record, or just dialing the phone, it pays to go beyond skin deep.

2. During your first conversation, your car insurer …

a)    Made you feel nervous about revealing your driving history

b)    Guaranteed you coverage — no matter what was in your past

c)    Encouraged you to be totally open about your current and past driving

d)    Asked if you wanted to be its date to a friend’s wedding

Most lovable answer: C. Opening up about past accidents, unreliable cars, or other so-called “flaws” is exactly how you find the best insurance company for you. Being dishonest in the beginning only results in more heartbreak (i.e., higher premiums) later on. Some insurers might say “no thanks,” but, really, that’s good. It brings you that much closer to your perfect match.

3. Before having you sign a policy, your car insurer …

a)    Told you how much coverage you needed

b)    Asked you what coverages and limits you felt comfortable with

c)    Skimmed over complicated terms and concepts

d)    Requested a pre-nup

Most lovable answer: B. Always express what you hope to get from the relationship. How much protection do you need? Should you exceed your state’s minimum liability limits? What deductibles can you handle? Insurance is complicated, so you want an insurer who will help you understand the coverages in your policy.

4. You’ve driven claims-free for years. How does your insurer respond?

a)    “Nice work, champ!” while tussling your hair

b)    Doesn’t even notice

c)    “Wow, has it been that many years … ‘cause it’s felt way longer.”

d)    With freshly-wrapped discounts*

Most lovable answer: D. Great partnerships work best when you both make each other feel special. And after years of safe driving, receiving a shiny discount on your next anniversary (renewal) makes an impact.

5. When you have to file a claim, your insurer …

a)    Does its best to help in any way possible without making you feel guilty

b)    Yells at you for being so careless

c)    Raises your premium without hearing your side

d)    Cancels your family vacation to Hawaii

Most lovable answer: A. A stressful event can threaten any marriage. But with the right attitude, these frustrating times can make you both stronger. Report a claim honestly to your insurer — and, in return, it should work calmly to resolve the issue. It’s the service you’re paying for, after all.

6. Growing weary after a long relationship, you bring up the idea of changing companies. How does your insurer react?

a)    “No!!! I can’t go on without you!!!”

b)    Suggests changes it can make to refresh your policy

c)    “Go on then, get lost — you won’t find better.”

d)    Silent treatment

Most lovable answer: B. If you’re in a rut, there are ways to shake up your policy and restore your enthusiasm. And a good insurer will be eager to find them. You might be surprised how those who’ve known you for years can keep the relationship fresh.

7. If you and your car insurer were a movie couple, you’d be …

a)    Jack and Rose, Titanic: No matter how well you get along, an urgent case of property damage always seems to steal your thunder.

b)    Harry and Sally, When Harry Met Sally: It took a marathon road trip for you to realize there might be some sparks.

c)    Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet: Confusing lingo is your strongest bond.

d)    Jack and Annie, Speed: The faster things get going, the more you need each other.

Most lovable answer: Trick question!

You’ve got our number

If you’re thinking about searching for a new car insurance soul mate, we’d like to remind you that we’re available (and love going to the drive-in on first dates).

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*Depending on your insurer, this discount may not be available in all states.

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