In case Us Weekly hasn’t convinced you, let me, as a citizen of Los Angeles, confirm this polarizing point once and for all: celebrities are just like us! They take their recycling out to the curb. They walk their dogs. And, sometimes, they even eat a full meal.

Contrary to popular belief, though, they also make driving mistakes just like us. And although it’s easy to assume celebs produce their very own brand of special, 5-o’clock-shadowed, 2-percent-body-fat driving mistakes, I can vouch that these slip-ups are not much different from our own.

And who am I? Well, as someone with a car, a Netflix subscription, and access to the 405 freeway, I’m what you might call a bit of a, ahem, celeb authority. So, based on my strong magazine-flipping thumbs, here are the 7 celebrity driver screwups that prove celebs really are just like us.

Running red lights

Ugh. Sometimes it seems like these entitled stars do whatever they want — including running red lights.

And there’s always a bevy of excuses: I’m heading to my premiere! I need to be at the recording studio! I’m late for Yogalates! But no matter the excuse, there’s just no acceptable excuse for running red lights.

Just like us? You betcha. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), an estimated 165,000 people are injured annually by red-light runners. And they can’t all be trying to avoid having their photo snapped.

Failing to use mirrors

We’re probably all aware of the checklist to go through before merging into traffic:

1) Turn signal
2) Adjust mirrors
3) Look over shoulder
4) Go

Sadly, many stars have the fender bender-ish tendency to get hung up on step 2 and gloss right over step 3. But, really, who can blame them? When they check their mirrors and see those pearly whites, olive complexions, piercing peepers, and disproportionately large heads looking back, how can they help but get infinitely lost in the beauty — even at the cost of some other poor sap’s taillight?

Just like us? I’d say so. How many times have you seen someone applying their mascara or watching their kids in the back seat?

Hollywood stops

For those who think I’m using a slang term for rolling through a stop sign, I’m not. No, what I actually mean is that irritating moment where a celebrity driver pulls over without warning and plants his or her manicured hands into the cement along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Look, beating rush hour in Hollywood takes long enough as it is. Have some consideration and wait for a Saturday, okay?

Just like us? Well, maybe not exactly like us. But close — we’ve all been stuck behind the non-signaler, the fifth-time’s-the-charm parallel parker, and the oops-I-need-to-get-off-the-freeway-but-I’m-in-the-left-lane exiter.

Road raging without a stunt driver

A major issue for movie stars is forgetting to leave their adrenaline-filled, action-junkie personas on the set when the workday is done. Understandably, it’s easy to get confused. When the cameras are rolling, they feel indestructible. And when it comes time to barrel roll a Bugatti under a semi, they kick their feet up with a chai and let the stunt double do the dangerous work.

Flash-forward several hours, out in reality, and I guess it’s no surprise Liam Neeson is always riding my bumper, honking insanely, and yelling, “Just try me, sucker!” Poor guy. He just doesn’t know any better. Eventually he cools downs, but I always feel bad.

Just like us? Oh yeah. According to the DOT, the most common form of road rage is aggressive and excessive speeding — and speeding leads to nearly one-third of all fatal crashes. (If you’ve been guilty of road rage, we have some calming quotes from Buddha to help you simmer down.)

Crazy chemical treatments to keep cars looking young

So many stars begin their driving careers saying the right things — that they’ll do it au naturel and “avoid auto body image disorders.” They promise to age their cars gracefully, with nothing more than an occasional power wash and fresh tank of unleaded.

But as the years go by and they need to stand out among all the younger models, they find themselves caving in. It starts with adding premium gas and some extra layers of wax. Then, before you know it, their fuel is mostly Botox and snake serum and their rims are being polished with cashmere.

Just like us? In this economy?! Heck no! (But in our dreams … yes.)

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