At Esurance, we’re all about using technology to help make your life easier.

And who could really use a little easy in their lives? Parents. These tech-focused, kid-friendly activities will make you the coolest parents on the block in no time — at least for the summer.

7 summer activities for kids in the modern world

1. Road trip entertainment

Your kids are probably already messing with your smartphone on the regular. Why not make it fun and subtly educational? Apps like Montessori Math City, Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa, National Geographic Kids, Inventioneers, Thinkrolls, and Duolingo introduce the basics of math, physics, language, and geography.

There are a gazillion apps out there for kiddos, which can be especially helpful during those long “Are we there yet?” road trips.

2. Photo scavenger hunts

This classic game is highly underrated. Break a group of kids into 2 or more teams. Give each team a list of items to find. Depending on their age, let them use a tablet or smartphone to give “proof” that they found all the required items.

You can set the level of difficulty based on age. Checklist items can range from the simple (flower, rock) to the difficult (specific newspaper, spork). Or, instead of having kids collect items, you could do a landmark hunt. For example, “take a picture with the town hall’s clock” or “capture someone using a seesaw.” The opportunity to tailor this for your kids is endless. Get creative!

3. Transit trips

Public transit. For you and me, it’s a blasé experience. For young kids who’ve never taken the bus, train, or ferry, it’s the coolest thing ever. Download your local transit app and count down the train’s arrival to make it even more exciting.

4. Online dance videos

Find a dance clip that your kids like on YouTube. Teach yourselves the moves by playing it over and over and over (something that kids love). Or find a video that includes a step-by-step tutorial and get to steppin’.

Record their final performance, complete with costumes, as a summer memento (that you can embarrass them with 10 years from now). Now that’s modern parenting at its finest.

5. Thank you “notes”

Instead of asking your child to write a thank-you note, see if they’d be up for saying thanks digitally. Film their message and email it to the recipient. It’s still nice to send snail mail, but this is a great way for kids to use technology while practicing manners. Plus, family members and friends can save the personalized video clip and play it whenever they want.

6. STEAM projects

Fusing together science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, STEAM projects encourage kids to learn in creative and innovative ways, helping them develop real-world skills and interests. From painting with a homemade pendulum to making magnetic putty, there are tons of resources out there. For technologically inclined kids, try creating a simple stop-motion animation video to inspire and encourage learning.

7. Camping and constellations

Set up the tent, make s’mores, and tell ghost stories. Let older kids have a slumber party outside with a few friends. They’ll have so much fun that they’ll forget they’re a few steps from the backdoor (and you’ll get to sleep in a totally quiet house).

Use kid-friendly astronomy apps like Mobile Observatory, Star Walk™ Kids, or Star Chart to find specific constellations and planets and help pique their interest in science.

Let summer begin

Whatever your kids are into, even if it’s a simple bike ride, join them in doing what they love. Enjoy it!

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