Stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Never leave the scene of an accident. Don’t run a red light. The rules of the road are generally designed to regulate the orderly flow of traffic and keep us safe. But, occasionally, a traffic law surfaces that’s nothing short of ridiculous. Here are 9 of the wackiest traffic laws still on the books.

1. Don’t curse and drive 

Remember to roll up your windows if you’re feeling feisty in Rockville, Maryland. It’s a misdemeanor to use foul language within earshot of another person while driving a vehicle in this municipality.

2. Keep your tires clean 

You might want to hit the car detailer before cruising the streets of Minnetonka, Minnesota. Dirty tires that “deposit mud, dirt, stick substances, litter, or other material on street or highway” are a misdemeanor here and could land you a hefty fine.

3. No disrobing in your car 

Checking out the lovely beaches along Long Island’s South Fork? Better look for a bathroom to change out of that wet swimsuit, because in the village of Sag Harbor, New York, it’s illegal to disrobe in your car.

4. Don’t transport animals on the outside of your vehicle 

We know none of you would ever consider tying a dog or other living animal to the roof of your car, right? But just in case, they made it the law in Anchorage, Alaska.

5. Toot your own horn (or else)

If you’re spending time in University City, Missouri you’re going to want to keep all your horn honking impulses in check. In these parts, it’s illegal.

6. Don’t drive all night 

In Oregon, speed racing on the highway is majorly frowned upon. Seems like a reasonable way to forbid drag racing and speed records. But the state law takes it a step further, outlawing speed racing when it’s meant as a “test of physical endurance.” Save all feats of driving endurance for the racetrack, folks. Oregon is not interested!

7. Go ahead … eat some legal roadkill 

In 2013, Montana joined a handful of other states making it perfectly legal to eat wild animals that have met their end on our highways and byways. Waste not, want not?

8. Pass loudly to the left 

There’s a law still on the books in Rhode Island that states drivers overtaking vehicles moving in the same direction “shall give a timely, audible signal” first. We’re already workshopping our passing yawp for next year’s summer vacay in Newport!

9. Lose the rearview mirror ornaments 

Addicted to your patchouli-scented car air freshener and pink, fuzzy dice? You might want to avoid New Jersey. Drivers with ornaments that “unduly interfere” with their vision may be fined.

So travel safe, remember to always follow the rules of the road wherever you roam, and make sure you have the car insurance coverage you need.

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