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With witches in the air and zombies lurking the streets, Halloween can be frightening for anyone! But our 4-legged friends are especially susceptible to getting spooked this time of year. Whether you’re hitting the streets in matching costumes or staying home to greet trick-or-treaters, use these tricks to keep your pets safe this Halloween.

How to protect your pets on Halloween

  1. Take a headlamp
    This hands-free alternative to the classic flashlight allows others to see you and your pack better. And more importantly, it helps you spot dropped candy before your dog does.

  2. Keep them on a leash at all times
    It’s best to keep your pup close when other dogs, candy-fueled tykes, and cars are making the roads busier than normal.

  3. Choose a safe and comfortable costume
    Your pet’s movement, vision, and breathing shouldn’t be impaired by their festive disguise. Their collar should still be securely fastened and the ID tag in plain sight. Make sure the costume doesn’t have anything that can be easily ingested. It’s also wise to add at-home modifications to costumes to improve nighttime visibility — think reflective tape or a LED vest. And keep your feline friends inside.

  4. Bring the necessities
    Depending on how long you plan on staying out, make sure to pack plenty of water and waste bags. And carry healthy dog treats to reinforce good behavior.

  5. Keep the decorations out of reach
    Just as you would in your own home, ensure your dog can’t get too close to fake spider webs, decorative wires, lit pumpkins, or glow sticks. In some cases, it might be best if you wait out at the curb while the children head to the door with another adult to collect the sweets. Or you can skip the house entirely. Houses with narrow walkways, loud music, large crowds, or strobe lights might also be too overwhelming for your dog.

    And back home, remember agile cats can often reach high places. So you may want to keep the decorations outside.

  6. Be prepared to return home when necessary
    If this is your pet’s first Halloween, you can’t predict when they’ll need a break from the spooky chaos. So know you might need to head home earlier than you expected.

  7. Create a safe space
    Chances are excited children will be ringing your doorbell all night. Drown out the noise — and the stress — by turning on music or a television in a separate room. Crating your dog and separating your cats can also provide a desired sense of security. And with the door constantly opening and closing, it eliminates the chances of your pet darting outside. With that said, it’s still best to keep your pet’s collar on, even when inside, since they’re more likely to go missing when they’re confused and afraid.

  8. Protect against the unexpected.
    Because mischief can occur at any time, it’s smart to enroll your dog or cat in a pet insurance policy before it’s too late. Explore how the most comprehensive coverage can defend your best friend from new illnesses and sudden injuries.

    Happy Halloween!

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