Admit it: you thought flying cars would be on the market by now. Anyone who’s seen Back to the Future has been waiting around for the past couple decades, hoping to cruise through the sky like Doc Brown and Marty McFly. But while flying cars have yet to come to fruition, there are 8 amazing car features on the market making driving safer … and cooler.


Most new cars now come equipped with special cameras installed. If you’re a Subaru fan, for example, you can buy a model with their EyeSight system. Your ride will come equipped with a pair of cameras that sit over your rear view mirror for extra eyes on the road. This EyeSight system can warn you if you start to veer into the next lane or get too close to another vehicle. And it can even stop the car if it looks like you’re headed for a collision.


Mercedes developed a safety feature called Collision Prevention Assist, a sensor that monitors your ride’s distance from vehicles in front of you. If you accidentally get too close to the car ahead, you’ll be warned by several noisy beeps and a flashing light so you can apply the brakes.

There are also sensors that monitor driver fatigue, and if they sense you’re getting drowsy, they’ll kick in to wake you up. Depending on the sensor, you might hear an alarm, feel your seat vibrate, or get a sudden nudge from your seat belt.

Back-up assistance

One of the coolest inventions is back-up assistance. This feature detects when anything from a skipping child to another vehicle is approaching you from behind, warning you so you can hit the brakes. And some models even apply the brakes for you in case you’re not quick enough.

Self-parking devices

For those of you who dread parallel parking, there are new cars that will take care of this with just the push of a button. Several models are equipped with this awesome feature, including the Ford Focus, Escape, Explorer, and Flex, as well as the Lincoln MKS and MKT.

Adaptable air bags

Ford designed air bags that adapt to different body sizes and shapes. The 2012 Focus, for example, featured air bags that can sense your body size and vent unneeded air during a crash so you’ll get just the right amount of protection. They’ve also changed the shape of this vehicle’s air bags to lessen the impact on your chest and ribs.

Adaptable headlights

Driving at night can be challenging, but several car models showcase adaptable headlights that turn along with the car, allowing you to better see upcoming hazards when taking curves. Adaptable headlights may also amplify light production, making it easier to drive at night.

Windshield-clearing assistance

If you experience freezing winter weather each year, you’re all too familiar with the annoyance of ice and snow crusted on your windshield. Magic Vision Control, a sweet technology offered on the 2013 Mercedes Benz SL-Class Roadster, can bring that to a halt. It automatically heats your windshield wiper blades and your washer fluid when the temperature drops.

Tire pressure alert system

Get ready to toss that handheld tire gauge in the trash. Nissan’s Easy-Fill system not only alerts you when your tire pressure needs a little adjusting, but it also offers guidance when you’re adding air — once you reach the ideal psi, your car’s horn will honk.

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