It’s beginning to look like a lot like Christmas … but … maybe Christmas 2000? Sometimes, décor that’s been around awhile can start to look a little dated. A little, you know, tired. But don’t worry about looking like the ghost of Christmas past anymore. Here are 7 ways to level-up your decorating game and modernize your holiday décor.

1. Let there be light

Eco-friendly light, that is. LEDs are the way to go and here’s why: not only do they look sharp, but they’ll save you money on your energy bill about $50 for the average family during the holidays, in fact. Now that makes you the brightest bulb in the box!

2. Dazzle the neighbors

Tired of hanging lights on your house? A new (and modern) option is with an LED laser light projector. Plug it in, turn it on, and voilà! Instant decoration as your home is covered in shimmery snow or stars. Comes with white or multi-colored options too.

3. Print your own 3-D ornaments

Bring “homemade” into 2017 by printing your own 3-D ornaments. Pick the theme and colors and create a piece that brings new meaning to the word “customize.” Don’t have a 3-D printer? You can wait for Santa to bring you one or do a quick internet search to see which copy stores near you offer the service.

4. Bring the outside in

Nothing says modern like eco-friendly, sustainable decorations. Take a stroll around your neighborhood or your own backyard to find natural elements for your decorations. Pinecones, holly, fir tree trimmings — any of them can bring a fresh look to your table, mantle, or staircase.

5. Fill a vase with something seasonal (but unexpected)

Pinecones in a hurricane vase … check. But why not go a little off-script and use something that hints at the holidays, but doesn’t “scream” it? Silver bells, lemons, or cranberries will look sleek filling a vase of your choice (and can look even prettier when you light them up with strings of LED lights coiled throughout).

6. Make a statement with your books and art 

Tired of a bunch of knickknacks cluttering your shelves? Find an elegant style of wrapping paper and use it to bring a uniform, modern look to your bookshelves and walls when you wrap books (and even your art) like presents.

7. Pick a color and stick with it

Part of the decoration overload comes from having too much, namely too much color. Or, rather, too many colors. Red, green, metallic, blue … you don’t want your rooms to look as though the holidays threw up everywhere. Ditch the garish, too-cutesy traditional color mish-mash and choose one color to focus on. (Metallic is always a good option, but you do you!)

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