Maybe you’re getting ready to sell your home and want to increase the selling price. Or maybe you just want your home to look more appealing from the outside. Either way, these tips will boost your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.*

7 ways to improve your home’s curb appeal

1. Freshen the façade

Repainting your home exterior is one of the best and most visible ways to increase your home’s resale value, but it can be fairly expensive — around $2,500 on average. Costs vary considerably depending on the size and style of your home and how detailed the work needs to be. This paint calculator can help you estimate a price.

If you don’t want to spend the time and money on a complete paint job, touching up the trim can give your home a facelift for a fraction of the cost.

2. Rejuvenate your roof

If your roof is in poor shape, replacing it may be a necessity if you want a good selling price. The average roof replacement costs around $19,500 (again, depending on the roof materials and the size and style of your home). You can expect to recoup around 71 percent of the cost when you sell.

But if your roof is in relatively good condition, you may only need to repair any leaks or damaged spots. The average roof repair will run you about $650. If repairs aren’t necessary but the years haven’t been kind, a good cleaning may do the trick. Removing moss, dirt, and algae can substantially improve your roof’s looks and appeal without a big price tag (but be sure to hire a professional).

3. Do some basic maintenance

Now’s the time to fix that drooping rain gutter or replace that broken windowpane you’ve been meaning to get to. Unfortunately, these things spell neglect to potential buyers and can shave off 10 percent of your home’s resale value. Simple chores such as repairing cracked pavement, remortaring loose bricks, or refastening the hinges on your shutters can make a big difference.

4. Look at your landscaping

If you live in an area affected by drought, buyers will forgive a brown lawn, but they won’t overlook a shabby or overgrown yard. Professional landscaping can raise your home’s value by as much as 20 percent. But, even if you don’t want to shell out for a complete redo, there are many ways to make improvements.

Start by trimming overgrown hedges and trees, pulling weeds, raking up leaves, and mowing your lawn. Consider planting trees and flowers for instant charm (but first, ensure they’re suitable to your climate). Trees also add monetary value by saving energy — they provide cooling shade in the summer and act as a windbreak in the winter.

No time for yardwork? Potted plants, window boxes, and hanging plants are an easy, inexpensive way to add color and visual interest to your front steps or porch.

5. Wash the windows (and then some)

A good scrubbing of the exterior can do wonders to freshen the look of your home — and it can add as much as $15,000 to the selling price. Rent a pressure washer for about $80 per day and gently spray away grime and mildew. Don’t forget your driveway and flagstone walkway (more dirt collects there than you might realize).

6. Fancy up your front door

As the place where you welcome your guests, the front door of your home should feel inviting. And sprucing it up is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to boost curb appeal. In less than a day, you can refinish your existing door or paint it a bold color to make it a focal point. While you’re at it, why not add a doorknocker, upgrade the door handle, or hang a decorative wreath?

7. Upgrade fixtures and hardware

Now that your front door is looking stylish, don’t forget about other small, inexpensive details that can make your home feel well cared for. Add personality with a custom mailbox (or, at the very least, repair your existing mailbox if it’s askew). Or choose some striking metal house numbers for a modern touch.

You might also consider adding or upgrading exterior lights. Attractive lighting will not only make your home more inviting, but it’ll also increase safety and highlight architectural features. For a quick infusion of charm that doesn’t involve wiring, install solar-powered lights along your walkway.

Review your homeowners insurance

Any improvements to your home may change the amount of coverage you require, so make sure your homeowners policy is up to date. We’re happy to answer questions about your home insurance policy or give you a free, fast quote.

* This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide actual estimates regarding any particular home as actual costs and impact on home value may vary.  For specific information regarding your home, please consult with local professionals.

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