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America was built around the automobile, and businesses have long adapted their services to accommodate drivers. But burger joints aren’t the only places you can get service from the comfort of your car. There are plenty of charming and wacky drive-thrus across the country and everything from art museums to trees are fair game. Here are 7 unusual ones to check out (road trip!)

1. The Donut Hole — La Puente, CA

At this Southern California doughnut shop, hungry drivers cruise through a driveway tunnel bookended by giant doughnuts to get their dozen. The Donut Hole has been in continuous operation since it was built in 1968 and has become one of the country’s most recognizable doughnut shops for its inviting architecture. It’s also a local tradition for newlyweds to drive through the doughnuts for good luck (and tasty glazed delights).

2. Dairy Barn — Long Island, NY

Dairy Barn is a regional convenience store chain in Long Island famous for its red barn exteriors and little grain silos. First opened by Swiss immigrants in 1961, Dairy Barn was a fixture in Long Island for decades, but only a handful of the quirky drive-thru markets remain open today.

3. Redwood trees — Northern California

There are 3 remaining drive-thru trees open to the public, all of which are massive Coast Redwoods in Northern California’s lush forests. The Chandelier Tree in Leggett, CA is a living 276-foot giant, with a 6-foot-wide tunnel that was cut in the 1930s. On Humboldt County’s Avenue of the Giants, the Shrine Drive Thru Tree’s base has a naturally-occurring split that you can drive through. And in the far north, the Klamath Tour-Thru Tree has the youngest tree tunnel, carefully cut in 1976 to keep the tree alive.

4. Westerville Public Library — Westerville, OH

The Westerville Public Library is an award-winning library that has run a drive-up window since 1999. Readers can reserve books online and pick them up without ever having to step inside the library itself.

5. Little White Chapel’s Tunnel of Love — Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas’s world-famous Little White Chapel features a 24-hour drive-thru wedding window that claims a celebrity marriage list with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Britney Spears. The drive-through ceremony takes a mere 15 minutes, and you can rent their pink Cadillac convertible to make the big day that much more special.

6. Museum of Bad Art Car Wash — Somerville, MA

The Museum of Bad Art proudly displays art “too bad to be ignored.” In the museum’s earlier days, an exhibit titled “Awash in Bad Art” billed itself as the world’s first drive-thru museum and car wash. Eighteen shrink-wrapped works of art were placed inside the car wash (and wisely, none of them were watercolors).

7. Kocian Law Group — Manchester, CT

In a former Kenny Rogers Roasters, a Connecticut law firm opened their drive-thru lane for legal service a few years ago. The firm doesn’t offer legal advice through the window, but it is a convenient way for clients to quickly pick up or drop off documents.

Steven Perez is a gearhead, travel buff, and writer for Turo, the leading peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace with unique cars available across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Germany.

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