Ready to deck your halls, but worry your crafting skills may, um, put you on the naughty list? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 6 easy holiday crafts for kids and adults no glue gun required. Bonus: you probably have most of these materials on hand, making them simple and affordable!

Easy holiday crafts for kids

1. Potato-stamped gift wrap

Ready to stamp something off your own holiday list? We thought so. Get the kids busy making wrapping paper (and save some money too!). Believe it or not, kid-made wrapping paper can be elegant when they handstamp it with potatoes and paint.

Here’s how: first, have them draw their design on a piece of paper — go simple, like a tree outline or a star shape. Then have an adult cut a potato in half and, using the knife, cut around the shape into the potato so the shape rises from the rest of the veggie.
Squirt paint into some pie plates and then let the kids dip the potato in the paint and “stamp” on butcher paper.

2. Handprint menorah

Dip your little one’s hands into some nontoxic blue paint and have them press them onto a piece of paper with their fingers spread. The thumbs should touch, creating the center candle. Then just glue a golden pompom or glitter on the tops for candles.

3. Snowflakes

Surely you remember these from your youth? They are oddly mesmerizing to make and can be made with regular old copy paper. First fold a sheet of paper into a square and then into triangles. (You can make it more complicated if you like, but honestly, there’s no such thing as an imperfect snowflake!) Using scissors, snip shapes into the folded side and along the edges. Unfold and voilà! A beautiful snowflake. They’re so easy and satisfying, you’re likely to create an avalanche for your windows!

Easy holiday crafts for adults

1. Mason jar Christmas tree

Fill 6 canning jars with fun holiday items, like mini ornaments, greenery, peppermints, and anything else your heart desires. Assemble the items in the shape of a tree (3 for the base, 2 in the middle, 1 on top) and then garnish with a garland and a star on top.

2. Floating Hanukkah candle display

Take 3 containers of water and add drops of blue food coloring to make 3 different hues. Arrange 8 small fire-safe votives on a tray and fill them with the shades of blue water. Put one tablespoon of oil in each cup, then add floating wicks and light.

3. Sparkling light bulb ornaments

Start with nightlight-sized bulbs (finally, you can do something with those burnt-out bulbs). Brush on glitter glue, roll the bulb in glitter, and let dry for 15 minutes. Glue a loop of floss to the bulb’s base as an ornament hanger and watch how it sparkles on your tree.

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