While television screens in recent years have gotten slimmer, flat screens are still sizable and can end up dominating your living space. Here are some fresh ideas for helping your set blend into your surrounding decor.

1. Use a TV lift

TV lift mechanisms allow you to store a flat screen inside a customizable cabinet, in the footboard of a bed, or even inside your ceiling. With the push of a button, a mechanical lift raises or lowers the TV from within the cabinet whenever you want to watch something. Drop-down or flip-mount kits allow you to store your flat screen inside or alongside your ceiling. DIY kits are available for retrofitting a cabinet or bed frame you already have, or you can purchase cabinets ready-made from a variety of manufacturers.

2. Mount it on a dark wall

Flat screens are often dark in color and they can stick out like a sore thumb when hung on a light-colored wall. Consider using darker-hued paint (blues and browns are especially nice) on an accent wall or in the entire room where your TV hangs. With less contrast between light and dark, the screen practically vanishes.

3. Go for a gallery effect

The gallery wall trend isn’t just for framed art and photographs anymore. You can incorporate a mounted flat screen into the rest of your grouped wall décor. Some TV manufacturers have taken this trend a step further and created televisions that allow owners to display custom art or photography on screen when they’re not watching TV.

4. Disguise it behind art

Large photographs, paintings, and even pull-down antique maps can make a lovely, low-tech alternative screen for a wall-mounted television. Framed canvas paintings can also be used. A simple trick is to mount a track for the painting so you can easily slide it back and forth when you want to reveal or hide the TV. Another option is to hang the art off your mounted TV screen using a simple L-shaped bracket.

5. Sneak it into a cabinet

A tried-and-true method, there are seemingly limitless possibilities for both custom and out-of-the-box solutions that allow you to stylishly house your media behind closed doors — whether that’s outfitting your favorite antique wardrobe or DIY-ing a mirrored, wall-mounted TV cabinet.

6. Consider a projector

If you really can’t stand looking at your flat screen when it’s not in use, you might consider exploring the possibilities of a home projector. Today, there are a plethora of low- and high-end options for home theater projectors made to accommodate a range of different viewing scenarios. Depending on your set-up, you may want to invest in a dedicated pull-down movie screen or a fresh coat of projector-friendly wall paint. Be sure to research the tech before you buy, as projectors aren’t right for every room (they work best in low-light settings). But under the right set of circumstances, they can be a far more attractive, economical, and compact option than a traditional flat screen.

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