Fall is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. Spend the day making soup. Bake pumpkin muffins — or pumpkin anything! Get the fire roaring and break out all the autumn décor. These simple ways will make your home cozier for fall.

1. Light a fire

There’s nothing quite like a fire to make it feel like fall has truly arrived. So get your chimney cleaned (or, if you’re feeling ambitions, you can clean parts of it yourself) and light it up! If you have a non-working fireplace, or one which can’t be lit due to rental constraints, fill it with electric candles to give off a comforting light. If you don’t have one  real or fake — there are even crackling yule logs available on television.

2. Embrace fall décor 

Here are some easy ways to make fall pop in your abode:

  • Take pumpkins, decorative gourds, and/or pinecones and arrange them along the mantel or use them to create a centerpiece for the dining room table
  • Paint pumpkins with black and metallic gold paint and place around the house
  • Make a wreath of dried flowers or leaves for the front door
  • Decorate the front porch with dried cornstalks
  • Create arrangements with fall foliage — at this time of year, multicolored leaves can be just as gorgeous as fresh flowers (and last longer!)
  • Make pomanders: oranges studded with whole dried cloves. Not only do they look pretty clustered in a bowl or placed on tabletops, but they also smell fantastic.

3. Autumn scents

Scents are a great way to make any home cozier for fall. Invite a fall feeling with scented candles. Try ones like cedar, chai, sandalwood, evergreen, or vanilla. If artificial smells aren’t up your alley, opt for an old-school alternative: boiling a pot of spices with fruit peels on the stove. Just remember to keep an eye on it!

4. Create a snug atmosphere

Add extra blankets — fleece or warm knits are good bets — to your living space. Toss a few extra pillows on your couches or even on the floor. It’s the perfect time of year to play with texture: think faux fur or cable-knit. People love to curl up and snuggle when the weather turns. Experiment with an area rug, the fluffier the better.

5. Host a party

Whether your home is decorated or not, nothing welcomes fall and the coming holiday season better than a house full of friends and family. Organize an autumn bounty potluck with mulled wine or hot apple cider and fall-themed snacks. Set up a holiday-themed movie marathon. Or even plan a daytime event, like a Sunday morning football brunch.

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