Now that spring is officially in full bloom, it’s time to invite the season into your home. Check out these simple tips for bringing a little springtime into your abode.

1. Scrub, tidy up, and declutter

The idea of spring cleaning may seem cliché, but there’s something special about beginning the new season with a tidy, dust-free home. In fact, you can even use the cleaning project as an excuse to declutter. Have a good old-fashioned garage sale or sell your stuff online to turn a profit!

2. Add colors and change fabrics

Sometimes all it takes is a pop of color to trade the heavy wintry vibe in your place for a lighter one. Think about adding some pastel throw pillows on your couches to create a cool and refreshing feeling in your living room. Replace any thick winter blankets with light-colored ones. To easily transition the bedroom for spring, put away the heavy winter comforter in exchange for a lighter-colored and textured bedspread. If you still prefer the weight and warmth of a heavy quilt, consider simply switching out the duvet. Add colorful hand towels in the bathrooms, dishtowels in the kitchen, and rugs in lighter colors and fabrics (or simply roll up the rugs altogether to leave wood floors looking cool and airy).

And if you’d really like to change up a room but don’t want to take the permanent plunge, check out removable wallpaper.

3. Bring in fresh flowers and plants

Whether you have fancy blooms delivered or are just picking up a bouquet at your local supermarket, having fresh flowers around your home — or in the hearth for a springtime twist on a fire — is one of the easiest and prettiest ways to bring brightness to your décor.

If flowers don’t last long enough for your liking, try placing the prunings from flowering fruit trees in a vase to bloom. Or you can add a dried wreath to your front door. In fact, wreaths aren’t just for the the colder months  they’re a lovely way to greet guests or enchant passersby at any time of year. You can also liven up your abode with succulents or potted herbs on your windowsill.

4. Exchange accents

A fun and simple way to welcome spring into your home (and showcase any special seasonal knickknacks you may have stored away) is to change up the details. For example, switch brass candlesticks for silver ones, swap out accents on bookshelves, or just try to leave table tops and counters empty — those piles of books that look cozy and inviting by the couch or fireplace in the winter end up looking cluttered in spring anyway. And if going completely bare seems too sparse, you can showcase a single vase or bowl (perhaps filled with lemons or oranges, which not only look gorgeous and simple, but smell fantastic).

5. Embrace scents

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to make your home smell amazing, particularly with scents such as grapefruit, geranium, or rose. Candles are always reliable too. And if you want to give the DIY approach a shot, try making homemade potpourri or dried lavender sachets.

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