We all know tech is on the rise in a big way. But did you know it’s even changing disaster relief options? And that means there are more modern ways than ever to safeguard your family and home against disasters. Check out how you can protect you and yours.

1. Carbon monoxide detector

Take the traditional smoke detector to the next level by installing carbon monoxide detectors around your home. Basic ones start at as little as $20 and “smart” ones can run over $100. Install the carbon monoxide detectors right beside the smoke detectors you already have. Or revamp completely and pick up a dual carbon monoxide and smoke detector.

2. GPS

These days, most cell phones are equipped with GPS and the ability to share their location. Turning on location services and sharing location with loved ones is a simple and effective way to locate and keep track of family members in case of an emergency. And to go beyond the standard GPS locators, there are many tracking apps that can provide more detailed information.

3. Connected home

If you want to go all out, transform your home into a “smart home,” where everything is digital, connected, and available across multiple platforms. From state-of-the-art home alarm systems to devices that can detect a flood and automatically shut off the water main, there’s a device for any and everything today. Digitizing valuable documents like tax forms or income records is a cheap and easy way to safeguard important information. See what works with your house and budget to take that extra step to protect your home in case of emergency.

4. Emergency kits

Last but definitely not least, make sure you have an emergency kit ready to go. Lists of what to pack are readily available, but sometimes it’s tough to get it together on your own. For those who still have packing an emergency bag on the to-do lists, pre-made emergency kits are available for purchase. But whether you pack it yourself or buy one pre-made, it’s important to have one just in case.

5. Homeowners insurance

Yep, we’re an insurance company. So we’ll always want to ensure you have the right homeowners or renters insurance. Why? Because insurance can help defray the costs in case of a natural disaster such as a fire, hail, tornado, hurricane, lightning, and even volcanic eruptions. So if your standard renters or homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover natural disasters, look into getting extra coverage.

We know it can feel overwhelming to think about natural disasters affecting your family. But you can take control with the multitude of smart products available today. Add in an updated emergency kit and a solid meetup plan for your loved ones and you’ll be ready for anything.

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