Sure, Labor Day is just around the corner … but summer’s not over yet. There’s still plenty of time to sneak in a road trip. If you’re itching to hit the road one last time, here are 5 incredible options from the classic car experts at Hagerty®.

1. The Million-Dollar Highway — Colorado

The highway’s name alone should tell you something. But the 220-mile loop from Durango, Colorado, north to Ridgway via US-550 and then west to Placerville (via CO 62) and south to Dolores (via CO 145), is truly incredible. Full of switchbacks, curves, and breathtaking drop-offs, the route will test your skill — as well as your car’s brakes, steering, and suspension. Plan accordingly (and have a blast).

2. Woodward Avenue — Michigan

If you’re near Detroit during the Woodward Dream Cruise, this is a must. But if you can’t make it then, at least take the time to cruise America’s first paved road. In 1909, Woodward Avenue was paved in concrete between 6 Mile and 7 Mile Roads. Today, Woodward (which stretches from Detroit’s center to its suburbs) is still packed with car-culture hot spots like Pasteiner’s Auto Zone Hobbies, Vinsetta Garage, M1 Concourse, and the Highland Park Model T assembly plant.

3. Great Smoky Mountains — North Carolina

Another fun, twisty route heads south from Chilhowee, Tennessee to Topton, North Carolina via US-129. From there, head north via US-74 to Almond, North Carolina, back west to Robbinsville on NC 28, NC 143, and TN165 to Tellico Plains. Jump on US-411 and TN 360 and finally, loop around Little Tennessee River to SR 72 and back to US-129 to Chilhowee. The 172-mile loop features the Great Smoky Mountains’ rolling hills and should take you a bit over 4 hours.

4. Anchorage to Seward — Alaska

Few people have been lucky enough to experience this drive, but the scenery is incredible. It’s a simple 2.5-hour drive from Anchorage to Seward, Alaska — only 127 miles. But bordered by the jagged Chugach Mountain peaks and the Turnagain Arm’s scenic coastline, you’ll want to pull over every tenth of a mile to snap photos and admire the wild landscape. Be warned: Kenai Lake is particularly gorgeous, but picking one spot is like choosing your favorite child.

5. The Loneliest Road — Nevada

It’s a section of US-50, which runs from West Sacramento, California, to Ocean City, Maryland. This part runs through northcentral Nevada’s vast desert heart. The drive isn’t for everyone (the road’s nickname is appropriate), but if you just want to hit the road without a destination in mind, this is probably that road.

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