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We’re just a few weeks into the new year. Have your resolutions already fallen by the wayside? Hey, we get it. And you’re not alone!

According to some estimates, 80% of people have traded in resolutions for remorse by mid-February. But don’t give up — give yourself a resolution reboot instead.

Here are 5 ways to revamp your new year’s goals so you’ll actually achieve them, even if you start them now.  

1. Start small

Biting off more than you can chew may be why you’ve resolved to change some things. But pushing yourself to complete Herculean tasks is the fastest route to burnout.

Maybe you’re one of the 75% of Americans who don’t drink enough water and you’re tired of feeling dried out. Experts at the Mayo Clinic say men need about 15.5 cups of fluid and women need about 11.5 cups of fluid daily, with about 80% coming from water and other beverages. Start with 2 a day and build from there. As the months go by, those cups might be as easy to drink as it was to drink none at all.

2. Work them into your existing routine

It’s a new year. But you’re still YOU. Rewiring your entire life to meet your goals is asking for trouble. Instead, look at your daily routine and find ways to improve your habits. Since you’re going to eat at some point each day, choosing to eat healthier can be as simple as packing a healthier lunch. Or, if you’re a terrible cook, consider ordering a prepared meal service.

3. Be specific … and realistic

Resolving to be on your phone less is great. But how can you measure that success? Instead of setting a vague goal, resolve to only check social media twice a day and allow a maximum of 3 games of solitaire.

The same goes for resolutions that could be out of reach. As awesome as it would be to visit a new country every year, that’s a pretty lofty goal. Depending on your allotted vacation days and your financial situation, it might be more realistic to visit a new city or 2. Different cultures are not exclusively oceans away. Specificity and realism can make your resolutions more tangible, and therefore, more attainable.

4. Enlist a friend

Need an extra push to jump-start that new career search or workout plan? Find a friend to hold you accountable and your chances of success skyrocket. One study found that just telling another person about your goal gives you a 65% chance of achieving it. Add in regular check-ins toward that goal and your odds rise to 95%. Doing difficult things is much easier with a pal, and when one of you starts slacking, the other is right there to lay the guilt on thick as avocado spread on toast. And if competition is your thing, a friendly rivalry might be all the motivation you need.

5. Change your perception

New Year’s resolutions don’t just include external changes, but also internal ones. Resolve to be more mindful. Or at least not so hard on yourself. As you journey through the year, recognize that every failure may not be a monumental failure, but instead just a hiccup. There’s a whole year at your disposal, which means there’s plenty of time to try again. Making the effort is the only way you’ll resolve any of those resolutions.

A resolution with real lasting power

And what about the more practical resolutions? For many of us, “get life insurance” is a promise that falls to the bottom of the list each year. This year, give that resolution a reboot and pledge to spend just a few minutes getting a quote. You never know when you’ll need it, and buying life insurance now can keep your family protected long after 2019’s resolutions are gone and forgotten.

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