When I was a kid, I was certain we’d all be living in space-age homes by the time I grew up. But here I am, a bona-fide adult, still using the stairs instead of sliding down a spiral tube. And why doesn’t my front door scan my face or slide open automatically as promised by every sci-fi movie?

Well, the truth is, while I’ve been unlocking doors with a jagged piece of metal and climbing stairs with my old-fashioned legs, amazing high-tech developments have been changing science-fiction to science-fact. Here are 4 exciting new advancements for homes.

1. Your house might soon recognize you

Most home tech is designed to make life a little easier. Appliances, thermostats, pool pumps, sprinklers, and security cameras can now be controlled from anywhere, and some systems will even alert you if there’s a water leak. I know what you’re saying — all this sounds pretty standard these days. But what if your home were smart enough to distinguish between you and your guests? A Paris-based company, Netatmo, recently launched a security system that can now recognize the people in your home. You simply register the people you live with and if the system’s facial-recognition technology doesn’t recognize anyone in your home, you’ll be instantly notified on your mobile device.

2. The loo could care for you

Science can tell a lot about our health from our bodily waste. But with breakthroughs in electronic analysis, we may have a new (and slightly less uncomfortable way) of finding harmful bacteria and nutrient imbalances in our bodies. Gone will be the days when we’d have to bring doctors little specimen containers for a diagnosis. Imagine your humble toilet quietly checking your blood cell count, heart rate, and dietary balances, or even detecting the early signs of preventable disease.

Well, imagine no more. Toto, Japan’s largest toilet manufacturer, has released the “Intelligent Toilet” system that not only checks your vitals, but transfers the results to a health network for further analysis. If the “Intelligent Toilet” does find something that needs further examination, it can even share those details with a local doctor.

3. Going seriously green

The technology we use to power our homes recently went through some exciting changes. One of the latest comes from those electric maestros at Tesla: Powerwall. In a nutshell, Powerwall is a battery that charges itself using solar panels during the day so it can power your home by night. But, unlike the hulking generators of the past, Powerwall is energy efficient, compact, and easy to install. Each one has 7 kWh of storage capacity — enough to power most homes for an evening.

4. Robots on the rise

Of course, no high-tech home is complete without a friendly and helpful house robot. Every vision of the future I imagined growing up included a fun, freewheeling machine to help around the house. Sure, we’ve all seen the “robotic” vacuum that drunkenly bumps against furniture as it roams around cleaning up, but that’s about it … or so I thought.

High-tech, humanoid, multi-use robots are now being developed by some of the world’s largest consumer product companies. Honda recently unveiled their amazing “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility,” or “ASIMO” for short, and a German company has introduced a bartending robot that stiffly shakes martinis to order. They may be multi-million dollar prototypes right now, but it shows that tech companies are rapidly progressing robot technology for all sorts of purposes.

The future is here

There’s no doubt that we’re in a wonderful time of technological advancement, and much of it will determine how we live in the future.  But while only some of these futuristic inventions are available to the public, you can experience the modern world with Esurance and get a personalized homeowners quote that’s right for you.

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