Less sleep, more daylight. We’ll miss that hour in bed, but many will gladly make the exchange for the promise of the warmer, brighter days. There’s just the pesky matter of all those clock changes. Millions of us scrambled around the house yesterday to sync the microwave clock to the oven, the DVR to the DVD player, and the alarm clock to the ol’

Then there’s the dashboard of your car. Each car clock and stereo seems to possess its own set of frustratingly nuanced directions. And if you’re like most folks, it’ll be weeks before you give in and adjust your dashboard clock.

If the thought of resetting the time on your dash made you wince, we’re here to help. Here are some ways to ease the frustration of figuring out your clock, so that you can embrace the longer, sunnier days ahead:

Consult your car’s manual for directions

Don’t worry if the book isn’t in your glove box! Almost all vehicle instruction manuals are available for download online, and most are free. Edmunds.com publishes a list of links to manufacturers’ manuals.

Ask your favorite search engine

This is where the Internet shines. Try a quick search like this: “How to set the clock in a (insert your car’s make/model)”. If you’re struggling to reset your car’s clock, chances are a fellow driver has already written about it online.

Try the volume and radio tuning buttons or dials

Often, these pull double-duty and are used to add or subtract minutes and hours. Press the “clock” or “time” button again, and you should be able to toggle from minutes to hours.

Eh, just leave it

It’ll be correct again in November. If your friends ask why you haven’t changed it, tell them you’re really into nostalgia.

Once you’ve got your clock situation figured out, make your car smarter with these aftermarket upgrades.


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