Scary rubber ghouls planted in tufts of green grass. Expertly carved jack-o’-lanterns lining the walkways. An eerie organ soundtrack sure to unnerve your neighbors.

Transforming your yard into a Halloween haunt is a great way to keep the holiday spirit alive (once you’re past the acceptable age of trick-or-treating). Check out how these 4 simple tips can help ensure your frightful front yard display is a spooky (and safe!) success.

1. Create a wide, clutter-free walkway

From floor-grazing capes to sight-shielding masks, many Halloween costumes put kids at risk of tripping and bumping into things. Same thing for gauzy white spiderwebs stretched over your sidewalk. They might look super cool, but when you consider the consequences of an over-decorated walkway, it’s worth it to stick to the sidelines with your spooky trimmings and fixtures.  You wouldn’t want  trick-or-treaters to take a bad tumble while admiring your decorative talents, would you?

2. Secure your décor

It’s also important to secure any dangling decorations and tape down extension cords that could tangle around trick-or-treaters’ unsuspecting little feet. Place streamers up high and hang frightening figures with sturdy, closed hooks that won’t give if the evening becomes breezy. Lastly, don’t count on anything you’ve taped down to stay put throughout the night. And make sure you have spare tape so you can secure any areas that might need it again.

3. Swap candles for battery-powered bulbs

The National Fire Protection Association reports that the fifth highest day for candle fires is Halloween. Eliminate the fire hazard of candle-lit pumpkins without having to hide your jack-o’-lantern. You can check out a great list of flashy, fun (and flameless!) ways to light up your jack-o’-lantern here.

4. Let the little ones be forewarned

Kids of all ages trek around the neighborhood Halloween night. While jumping out in a hockey mask wielding gory rubber limbs is all in good fun, you could seriously frighten a small child. If your Halloween haunt is more Nightmare on Elm Street than Casper, consider posting a warning sign so parents can discern whether or not it’s an appropriate stop for their little one.

Check that your insurance policy includes liability protection

Scarier than any Halloween haunt is the thought of being uninsured if someone gets injured on your property. Don’t let your lack of insurance leave you liable in a lawsuit. Make sure your homeowners policy has you covered.

Now that you’re set on the safety rules of a Halloween haunt, get started with these amazing DIY Halloween décor ideas!

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