Quirky. That’s one way to describe these offbeat roadside attractions that are sure to add spice (and awesome selfies) to your next road trip. So if you’re hitting the road for Labor Day, keep these 4 places on your radar.

1. Cathedral of Junk— Austin, TX

This is not just a large pile of trash. It’s a masterpiece made up of “found objects” that include light-up beer signs, tires, car bumpers, circuit boards, and more. The creator, Vince Hannemann, calls it “his clubhouse,” and indeed, there are places to sit as you look around and notice the details. Feel free to bring interesting items for his consideration, but do not feel free to clean your car out there.

Word to the wise: it’s always smart to call ahead and make an appointment to visit.

2. World’s largest jack in the box — Middletown, CT

Pop goes the … giant, freaky clown? Yes. A 600-pound clown literally pops out of this 50-foot high box (or more accurately, cylinder) every 60 seconds at Wild Bill’s Nostalgia. Good luck?

3. World’s largest chest of drawers — High Point, NC

This town is the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World,” so it only seems fitting to have a giant chest of drawers greet you. In fact, the Chamber of Commerce built the original 20-foot high chest of drawers in the 1920s as a “Bureau of Information” (hardy har har). It was redone in 1996 as a 36-foot, nineteenth century-style dresser. Don’t worry, you won’t find “drawers” hanging out the front, but rather giant socks, an ode to the city’s hosiery industry.

4. Lovers Lock Plaza — Lovelock, NV

Think you have to head off to Paris to leave a lock? Put the passport down. Instead, Lovelock, Nevada, has you covered with a giant piece of public art where you can add a lock. The town of Lovelock dedicated Lovers Lock Plaza on Valentine’s Day 2006.

You can bring your own lock, or, as you might imagine, the local stores are stocked. Lock it on and throw away the key. Awww.

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