Let’s be honest. Everyone wants to save money on gas. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend less on gas so you can spend more on, well, anything else?

Here’s how to do it.

1. Find a program that gives you cash back for gas purchases

Generally, there are 3 options for this.

    • Gas rewards programs: Many chains offer amazing programs that give you discounts on future gas purchases. For example, with Shell Fuel Rewards®, you get 3 cents off a gallon every day and earn additional points through purchases there and at other participating merchants. And with the Exxon Plenti program, you’ll earn points for gas purchases that you can spend there or at other participating stores.
    • Store rewards programs: You have to buy groceries anyway, so why not earn points that you can redeem for a reduction in gas costs? With the Kroger program, for example, you earn one point for each dollar spent and those are turned into discounts at the pump. With Safeway’s program, the points you initially accrue shopping turn into 10 cents off a gallon for each $100 spent and then incrementally increase after that.
  • Credit card rewards program: Many credit cards offer extra reward points when you use them to fill up. Two noteworthy ones are the Chase Freedom card and the Discover it® card, which have a “bonus” category each quarter (one of which is gas) that lets you earn a 5 percent bonus on all purchases at gas stations.

2. Always get the best price

GasBuddy can be your BFF by listing prices at the stations around you so you can find the best buy. No more wasting gas, driving around to find the best price. It also has a trip calculator that lets you figure out how much you might spend on your next road trip.

GasGuru is a similar option that tracks local prices. It’ll also map nearby stations, which is extra handy on a road trip.

3. Use less fuel

Wondering how often you fill up? Fuel Buddy helps track your mileage and fill frequency so you can manage your gas mileage. It also sends you service reminders to help you keep your vehicle in top shape.

Of course, common-sense driving can also help you save gas and save money.

4. Try a crystal ball

For a surprisingly painless solution to the conundrum of constantly changing gas prices, check out Fuelcaster®. Our gas price predictor tells you whether gas prices are expected to rise or fall tomorrow. Basically, it’s just a secret blend of digital herbs and mathematical spices that allow us to see when you could save money at the pump (thanks to our friends at GasBuddy). Yep, we saved the best hack for last. You’re welcome.

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