Fall is in full swing! If you’re looking for a fresh take on fall decor, check out these great, green, DIY decorating ideas that are beautiful, festive, and won’t clog the landfill.

1. Freshen the front door

Looking for a fresh take on the front door wreath? Choose something basic that can serve as a flexible backdrop (maybe a succulent or dried eucalyptus wreath) and then customize it for different holidays by adding natural elements: baby corn, feathers, acorns, seasonal dried berries, flowers, pinecones, or baby gourds.

2. Carve a jack-o’-planter

Take your doorway makeover a step further and carve yourself up a few fresh pumpkin planters. Keep it simple or make it as elaborate as you want. First, cut the top off your pumpkin and empty it of seeds. If you want to carve a face, now’s the time. Next, fill the cavity with a container mix of potting soil and get to planting: try mixing mums, snapdragons, and violas in fall-friendly shades of ruddy red, deep orange, and canary yellow with the cool greens, crisp whites, and dark purples of ornamental kale and cabbage. Want to do something more playful? Grasses make fun “hair” (or  go spiky with a cactus or other succulent). If you live in a climate where potted plants can survive the winter, you can plant your perennials when their porch time is up. And pumpkins that have passed their prime can go into the compost pile to help fertilize your winter or spring garden.

3. Makeover the mantle (or a shelf)

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, the mantle is still a perfect space to announce the changing seasons. No mantle? No problem. A well-placed shelf will do. Think about filling existing containers, vases, or jars with beautiful, dried flowers and grasses. Another option: stash playfully bright yellow Craspedia (aka billy balls) alongside an elegant sheaf of wheat. Branches with dried berries or pretty leaves are another beautiful way to bring the natural, organic shapes of fall into your home. Stacking gourds, small pinecones, cranberries, acorns, or even birdseed in clear, cylindrical vases is another great, green way to bring some fall drama to your mantle this season (just make sure they’re not near any open flames).

4. Create seasonal photo displays

Choose a space in your home (maybe an entryway?) where you can hang seasonal photos or pictures in an attractive group display. Framed original photography is great, but feel free to flip through your favorite magazines and use what you find and love. The key is choosing pictures that complement each other and represent the season, either in subject matter or by color. Group photos together (hanging them on the wall, propping them up on a shelf, table, or mantle, or some combination of the 2) and try to use uniform frames and consistent matting like plain white) for maximal effect. Recycle pictures when you’re done with them or save them to use again next year.

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