Best Insurance Movie Characters of All Time

5 of the best insurance movie characters

Ever since Hollywood began telling stories, writers have used the insurance industry to create intrigue, mystery, deception, tragedy, or just a seemingly dull office worker. At Esurance, we’re anything but dull (you should hear our wild watercooler chats). And so in honor of National Insurance Awareness Day, here are 5 insurance movie characters that are anything but boring.

1. Mr. Incredible, The Incredibles

What do superheroes do when they stop using their powers to save the world? They become insurance brokers, of course.

Forced into retirement by a lawsuit-loving public, family-man-of-steel Mr. Incredible (aka Bob Parr) starts working at Insuricare for (arguably) the meanest boss ever committed to cartoon. Despite this, Mr. Incredible still manages to use super-human knowledge of property insurance to save helpless old ladies.

2. Truman Burbank, The Truman Show

The unsuspecting star of his own 24/7 reality show, Truman Burbank’s life is meticulously controlled by an army of actors, technicians, and financiers.

But none of this stops the unassuming megastar from cheerfully supplying his fake town with some of the most upbeat insurance service ever seen. That is, of course, until Truman realizes that something’s weird in his world and takes a risk that’d leave most agents formulating a policy called “coverage from the unexpected discovery that your life’s a huge reality TV show.”

3. Reuben Feffer, Along Came Polly

As any good insurance expert will tell you — it’s all about the risk. But calculating the risk for specialist insurance accounts has left Reuben Feffer a little too anxious and afraid of life. Who else would know that they have “a 0.013 percent chance of being hit by a car on my way home, or a 1 in 46,000 chance of falling through a subway grate”?

Luckily, a rodent-owning hipster who looks like Rachel from Friends helps him reassess the risk in his life.

4. Vicki Anderson, The Thomas Crown Affair

At long last, Hollywood finally recognized that us insurance types can be a lot more than a bunch of cubicle-dwelling, number-crunching risk-assessors. Vicki Anderson is a cool, smart, and ruthless insurance investigator. She takes on billionaire thrill-seeker Thomas Crown like nobody else can, always trying to stay one step ahead of the game.

Is she manipulating him or is he manipulating her? For the most part, I don’t really care. I’m just hoping she has a comprehensive insurance policy for her spectacular and enormously expensive Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder.

5. Barton Keyes, Double Indemnity

Walter Neff always gets a shout-out as the insurance guy from Double Indemnity, but for me it’s Walter’s boss Barton Keyes who steals the show. Always trying to convince Walter that life in the claims department is never dull, Barton delivers classic lines such as:

To me, a claims man is a surgeon. That desk is an operating table and those pencils are scalpels and bone chisels. And those papers are not just forms and statistics and claims for compensation. They’re alive! They’re packed with drama, with twisted hopes and crooked dreams.”

Unfortunately, Walter meets a femme fatale who lures him into the twisted hopes and crooked dreams Barton warned him about. Every insurance company needs a Barton Keyes.

Who’s your favorite character? Let us know which fictional insurance agent left an impression on you.

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If you’ve ever pondered the question, “I wonder what season I am?” then you’re in luck! In honor of the first day of summer, we’ve created a (wholly unscientific, though absolutely fun) quiz that’ll tell you which season best matches your personality.

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WATCH: Esurance “Equal Dreams” Video

At Esurance, “diversity and inclusion” is more than just a concept. It’s part of who we are and where we’ve come from. But most important, it’s part of what we do.

Over the years, we’ve supported organizations like GLAAD, PFLAG, and The Trevor Project, and we were one of the first car insurance companies to extend the married rate to LGBT customers.

Today, to help spread the word about our commitment to equality, we’re excited to debut our #EqualDreams video.

In the modern world, all dreams are equal

Everyone should be able to dream of their perfect wedding day, regardless of who they love.

In our short film, we talk to kids about their (truly spectacular) wedding dreams. When you’re a kid, the sky’s the limit. Giant donuts? Of course. Volcanoes? No problem. Dolphins? Why not!

But for gay teens, the idea of getting married often seems far-fetched or out of the picture. In the video, we also talk to a few of these teens who reveal the difficulties of inequality.

As a modern-world company, at Esurance we think all dreams should be equal. And that’s why we recognize all marriages.

The married rate from Esurance

So what does it mean to recognize all marriages? It simply means that in order to treat all customers equally, we go beyond what the law requires when we’re able.

In every state where Esurance can give couples a married rate, we extend that rate to either married gay couples, domestic partners, or those in civil unions — even in states that do not allow same-sex marriages.

There are a few states that don’t allow insurance companies to provide rates based on marital status, period. So, of course, in those states we’re not able to extend the married rate to any of our customers.

But wherever we can, we extend this rate equally. Learn more about the married rate.

Esurance and equality

June is National LGBT Pride Month and we’re excited to take part with the debut of #EqualDreams. But our commitment to equality extends much further than this. It is — and always has been — the very core of what we do.


Buyers Beware: Meth, Murder, and More Things Your Realtor Won’t Tell You

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. And while you’d think a 5-, 6-, or even 7-figure price tag warrants some serious clarification on the condition of a house, some states allow realtors to be tight lipped about frightening factors of your prospective property. Be in the know about what your realtor won’t tell you, what your home inspector won’t find, and what you can do to get the full story.


Despite the serious health risks of methamphetamine exposure, only 28 states have disclosure laws that require realtors to tell prospective buyers about rental units or properties where meth has been manufactured. What’s equally troubling? Meth contamination isn’t part of the testing process for most home inspectors.

In contaminated homes, new homeowners often experience symptoms such as headaches, bloody noses, aching muscles — and some have even suffered the loss of beloved family pets. And while decontamination’s an option, cleanup costs can run anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000. Many homeowners have demanded justice for the negligence of their realtors only to find that state law doesn’t have their backs when it comes to disclosure.

What you can do: If your state doesn’t have disclosure laws for meth, consult the National Clandestine Laboratory Register to ensure your prospective new address doesn’t fall on the list of confirmed meth labs.

You can also purchase a home meth test that might put your worries at ease for less than $25.

Paranormal activity

A property plagued by spirits is considered a stigmatized property, which means that although it isn’t physically defective, its value could be less due to the psychological or emotional stigma surrounding it.

So, does your realtor have to tell you about the ghost in the guest room? Probably not. In Massachusetts, the haunted nature of a home only needs to be revealed if a potential buyer asks. Realtors in Washington aren’t required to divulge anything about the history of a property that’s not visually apparent.

What you can do: If the thought of ghostly tenants at your new address would leave you questioning the comfort of home, you don’t need to be a supersleuth to find out either way. A house with a notoriously haunted history will most likely pop up when you google its address.

If that turns up nothing and you’re still concerned you won’t be the only occupant, you can research paranormal investigators in your area. (Yes, real-life ghostbusters exist!)

Murder or suicide

Does your realtor have to tell you that a violent death occurred in your new home? Not necessarily.

In 2007, after her husband died, a woman moved her family from California to Pennsylvania in hopes that their beautiful, new suburban home would be a fresh start. Only weeks after moving in, she learned from her next-door neighbor that the home had been the site of a murder-suicide just a year earlier.

After losing the initial lawsuit, she filed against the seller and real estate agent and appealed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The court recently ruled against her appeal, stating that a murder or suicide doesn’t cause a material defect in the home, so the seller isn’t required to disclose such events.

What you can do: Ask the realtor flat out: “Did anyone die here?” In some states, that simple question requires the seller to be honest about any deaths that occurred on the property. Even if the seller isn’t legally bound to tell you, they may spill the details out of ethical inclination.

In Florida, for example, sellers aren’t required to disclose a murder or suicide that occurred in the home, even if a buyer asks. Although this may vary by state, if your state leaves you to do the digging, you aren’t out of luck. In the same way you might google your future address to see if it’s had spooky visitors, grisly deaths are often covered by local news stations that offer articles online.

There’s also a new online community called Housecreep, which is dedicated to calling out private residences that were sites for criminal activity. While the site’s fairly new and relies on user-submitted entries, it can’t hurt to scope it out when collecting details about your potential home. Use the search bar to pinpoint your exact location along with neighboring properties that might also have interesting histories.

Top 2 ways to find out what your realtor won’t tell you

Although each situation’s different, there are 2 common ways to get the facts about your potential new home.

1. Talk to the neighbors

From meth labs to murder sites, many buyer’s remorse situations could’ve been prevented with a simple introduction to a nearby neighbor before they signed the deed.

2. Know your state’s laws

Disclosure laws vary from state to state. Do your research on laws pertaining to the disclosure of meth, paranormal activity, and violent deaths to make sure you know everything before signing on the dotted line.

Make sure you’re covered

When you’re confident your future home’s in the clear, make sure it’s protected from other potential perils with homeowners insurance tailored to you.