From products that clip to your car’s air vent to classic rearview mirror-hanging fresheners, there are hundreds (thousands?) of car deodorizer and car air freshener products on the market, many of which can vastly improve your experience on the road. But for those of you sick and tired of pine and citrus aromas, here are 11 bizarre car air freshener scents that could spice things up … literally.

1. Sizzling bacon

Perfect for pork-loving carnivores, this hanging air freshener approximates the aroma of a side of griddled bacon.

 2. Toast

The artisanal toast trend has officially extended to the air freshener market! This is less about fancy toppings and more about that freshly warmed bread smell. Pass the butter and jam, please.

3. Coffee

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Now you can fill your car with the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans.

4. Popcorn

There’s just something transporting about the buttery bouquet of freshly popped popcorn. Whether it reminds you of the movies or the state fair, this freshener is sure to bring you to a happy place.

5. Freshly glazed doughnut

This freshener comes with a warning: “May cause insatiable cravings for doughy pastries.” Yep, we’ll take 3.

6. Turkey Legs

Because honestly, who DOESN’T love the smell of roasted game meats while stuck in rush hour traffic?

7. Pickle

You might’ve been hoping for dill, but this air freshener is garlic-forward. Great for your next road trip through Transylvania!

8. Black ice

Not sure what black ice really smells like (filthy pavement? fear?), but the makers of this car air freshener describe it as a manly scent with notes of citrus, sandalwood, and … mystery.

9. Bigfoot

Mythical sasquatches are not known for their heavenly scents, but the Bigfoot air freshener actually sounds positively woodsy and pleasant.

10. Midnight storm

Experience the sweet summery smell of a late night deluge without even having to turn on your wipers!

11. Coral reef

Can you smell underwater? This air freshener scent claims to take inspiration from an ocean breeze. Hold the fish, please.

Want to keep you car smelling nice without the assistance of deodorizers? Check and replace air filters, vacuum upholstery, wipe up spills, remove and clean floor mats, and dust and detail your interiors regularly.  And if you’re looking for a natural scent remover? An open box of baking soda can do wonders. Get more car maintenance tips here.

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