Your Top 4 Zombie Apocalypse Must-Haves

After a month of preparing for everything from flat tires to flesh-eating zombies, we’re showcasing our top entries and announcing the grand prize winner!

We spent September imagining the best ways to be prepared for any disaster … even the zombie apocalypse. And since it was National Preparedness Month, we asked you to weigh in and tell us what you’d need to survive in a world overrun by walkers.

Boy, did you have a lot to say!

Thousands (and thousands) of entries later, we’ve given away 100 emergency car kits and gained a pretty good idea of what you think are the must-haves for any emergency.

The 4 most important things to have in a zombie apocalypse

While we heard everything from ketchup to Chuck Norris, there were a handful of items that kept coming up. Here are 4 of the most sought after apocalyptic must-haves:

1.  Duct tape. Fashion a weapon, repair your shelter, or protect wounds. The uses for this sticky silver tape are endless.

2. Water filter. Bottled water is great for nonapocalyptic events like baseball games, but when you’re scavenging in the middle of nowhere, you may have to quench your thirst in that murky river. And who knows how many zombie feet have trampled through that?

3. Good company. Because escaping zombies (or fixing a flat) is far less fun when you’re on your own.

4. A plan. A crossbow and canteen are certainly handy, but unless you have a clear head and a plan for staying human, zombies will eventually get the best of you.

Esurance Zombie Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner

Kayla W., our grand prize winner, is heading to zombie survival training in Portland, Oregon, this weekend (just in time for whatever comes lurking this Halloween).

She’ll be spending the weekend sharpening her apocalyptic survival skills and learning how to start a fire without matches, create a makeshift shelter, and of course, fight off the brain-eating undead.

The rest of you living (and hoping to stay that way) beings should be sure to check out all the entries (here, here, here, and here) to make sure you’re ready for the walking dead … or a flat tire.

Thanks for all your great suggestions, everyone!

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  1. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Cisco "AKA" John W Mullins
    February 9, 2014 #

    Besides your weapons and supplies, you're most important things are steady nerves, stamina, and the will too survive no matter what the situation.

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