What’s the Best Driving Advice You’ve Ever Received?

May is Global Youth Traffic Safety Month. Share your behind the wheel words of wisdom and find out how Esurance DriveSafe™ can help protect teen drivers every month.

Teen drivers are at a higher risk of accident than any other drivers on the road. Particularly during the summer months when school is out and they spend 44 percent more time behind the wheel.

So this month, in support of Global Youth Traffic Safety Month (and the much-anticipated summer vacation), we’re helping to spread awareness and promote safe driving among teens by asking our followers to share their best driving advice.

Last week we started the conversation on our Facebook page. Here are a few of the roadway recommendations we received.

The best driving advice I’ve ever received was …

“Make sure there’s enough gas to wherever you’re traveling.” — Tim S.
(And don’t overpay at the pump! Get gas price predictions with Fuelcaster™.)

“Don’t tailgate.” — Kathey K.
(And follow the 4-second rule!)

“Slow down before turning when it’s below 35°F.” — Jonathan G.
(Get other tips for navigating during cold, winter weather.)

“Go slow to go fast. You can’t win if you don’t finish.” — Shayne H.
(Brush up on local speed limits to avoid accidents and tickets!)

“Expect the Unexpected. Be prepared.” — Dan C.
(Having a well-stocked emergency kit is a must for any driver!)

Esurance DriveSafe™: Another way to keep your teen driver safe

While sharing driving tips is great, we’re taking it a step further with innovative tech that can actually help you tailor your advice based on your teen’s driving. Esurance DriveSafe, our tech-enabled, teen driver safety program, lets you gain special insight into how your teen is driving in order to help them develop safe practices behind the wheel.

With Esurance DriveSafe parents can:

  • View a full summary of their teen’s driving including where they’re headed and the duration of the trip
  • Receive alerts for risky driving behavior such as hard braking and speeding
  • Limit phone use behind the wheel with the Esurance DriveSafe app*
  • Feel secure knowing that 911 is always available

To learn more about Esurance DriveSafe (and all the other awesome programs available to Esurance policyholders), call 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262) and mention Esurance DriveSafe.

Share your words of wisdom for teen drivers

Whether you favor fancy new technology or good old word-of-mouth (or both) to help promote teen driver safety, we want to hear from you! What’s the best driving advice you’ve ever received? What do you think about using tech to help protect young drivers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Learn more about Esurance DriveSafe here.

*When the vehicle is in motion, teens with iPhones® will see a banner on their home screen, reminding them not to use their phone while driving. iPhones do not support restriction of phone functionality.

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5 Responses to “What’s the Best Driving Advice You’ve Ever Received?”

  1. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Elton Fordyce
    May 7, 2014 #

    When you are waiting for a opportunity to turn across with coming traffic never turn you tires until you start moving. If you tires are already pointed in the direction you are going and someone rearends you ,you will be pushed into the path of oncoming traffic.

  2. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Sheila Patrick
    May 7, 2014 #

    Best driving advice I ever received was to keep your mind in the present. Focus on driving not on what happened yesterday or what is going to happen. This was sage advice from an old sage, my mother who drive quite well till she was 90!–Sheila Patrick

  3. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    May 10, 2014 #

    When I first began driving, my dad told me "Make sure that if you're involved in an accident that it isn't your fault." What he meant was for me to be a defensive driver, because that's the only thing you can control on the roadways is your own driving behavior. I've only been involved in one minor accident (rear-ended about 10 years ago, not my fault) so the advice seems to be working so far–I'm 28 years old now.

  4. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    May 20, 2014 #

    Obeying traffic rules and driving with instincts is the key to stay safe on the road.

  5. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Connie Goode
    November 14, 2014 #

    Driving with two hands and always use your mirrors.

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