What Does SR-22 Stand For Anyway?

What in the world does “SR-22” actually stand for? We investigate.

what does SR-22 stand for?

We have a confession to make. In spite of more than a decade in the car insurance biz, and with insurance experts in 14 different offices across the states, there are still one or 2 car insurance puzzlers that leave us at a loss. For instance, what in the world does the “SR” in “SR-22” actually stand for?

We could easily tell you the Top 6 Things You Should Know about SR-22s, where you can find an SR-22, and why you might need an SR-22, but ask us what that pesky “SR” stands for and … well … we’re stumped.

The meaning of SR-22

Not to be stymied by a couple of initials, however, we decided to get to work investigating the matter. And after a little digging (and a lot of hold music), here’s what we found out: it doesn’t stand for anything.

What? After all that, the truth of the matter is that the S and the R are just arbitrary letters strung together in front of an arbitrary number. According to several (surprisingly chipper) DMV reps and a guy at the Department of Insurance named Sean, the official-sounding moniker, while sounding important, in truth signifies nothing.

During our investigation, however, we came across several feasible hypotheses on what it might stand for, including state report, safety responsibility, state reference, and state requirement.

Additionally, we discovered that the SR-22 is also referred to as a Financial Responsibility Filing, a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR), and SR-22 insurance.

No wonder we were stumped. But having finally gotten to the bottom of the SR-22 question, we’re pleased to report that when it comes to car insurance, we’re now more expert than ever before.

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One Response to “What Does SR-22 Stand For Anyway?”

  1. Avatar for Heidi Wallis
    Your friendly neighborhood senator! (completely unrelated to Spider-Man)
    April 3, 2016 #

    Unfortunately, this does not get close to the truth. The primary reason is that the writer was not in the House of Representatives when this insurance was first seen as a necessary step toward getting unsafe or irresponsible drivers on the path to correction. The "S" stands for safety and the "R" for responsibility. The 22 well that is simply the 22 in the sequence of documents related to this very issue.

    Does it surprise me that you don't know? Actually, I'm not surprised at all. The reason being that this is another example of the government attempting to control citizens acting less like an organized group of citizens working for all and more like a nanny. Insurance companies could have taken care of unsafe and irresponsible drivers through increased premiums making this issue one that should have never made its way into law.

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