Every year, tech giants debut the next big thing to make life easier.

And, no strangers to making life easier, we at Esurance constantly leverage technology to revolutionize how you shop for, buy, and manage your car insurance. Over the past few years, we’ve brought you the Coverage Counselor®What If® Calculator, and Fuelcaster® — all designed to save you time and hassle (and yup, money too).

This year, we’re thrilled to bring you one of the biggest innovations in claims technology: video appraisal!

Video appraisal — the first of its kind in the insurance industry

When a car accident happens, you want to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Now, with our brand-new appraisal feature on Esurance Mobile, you can! Video appraisal helps you save time by enabling you to:

  • Schedule an appraisal at a convenient time for you
  • Get an appraisal without having to leave your car in the shop
  • Get your estimate on the spot

Simply use your smartphone to video chat in real time with an Esurance appraiser. It’s that easy.

How video appraisal works

Just file your claim to get started. If a video appraisal would speed things up, your rep can schedule one at a time that works for you. (Of course, you can always opt for an in-person appraisal too.)

Once your appointment’s booked, log into the app to get started — it’s automatically included on the latest version of Esurance Mobile for Android™ and iPhone®.*

Check out this clip to see how a video appraisal can speed up your claim.

But wait … there’s more Esurance Mobile goodness

Claims aren’t the only things that are now easier thanks to new and improved technology.

You can also:

  • Add a new car by scanning the VIN or edit an existing vehicle (not yet available in all states)
  • Use your voice to navigate the app
  • Save your ID card to your device and use it as digital proof of insurance if it’s accepted in your state (we’ll mark it with “official” to let you know that it is)

Download Esurance Mobile

If you’re a policyholder but don’t have our app, what are you waiting for? Download the app for your favorite device and start managing your policy on the go.

*To get a video appraisal, you need at least an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 or Android 4.0 on your smartphone, 4G LTE connection, and an eligible claim.


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