Towing and Labor Coverage Defined

Whether your ride breaks down on the regular or you’re notorious for locking your keys in your car, you could probably benefit from towing and labor coverage.

Towing and Labor

You’re buying car insurance, hemming and hawing over limits and deductibles, when you come across the towing and labor option. It’s inexpensive, but is it worth it? Does it even cover anything? Does everyone already have this coverage and you just don’t know it yet?!

Whoa there, tiger. If there’s one thing we know best, it’s car insurance, so don’t panic.

What is towing and labor?

Sometimes called emergency road service, towing and labor coverage is intended to help you when you’re in a roadside bind. It’s offered by pretty much every car insurance company (and select companies even offer it as a service independent of insurance), and you can also add it onto your cell phone plan.

Some car insurance companies automatically include the coverage in your policy premium, while others let you choose whether or not you want it. At Esurance, we like to give you the option to customize your policy, so our towing and labor coverage is an optional add-on when you purchase comprehensive and collision coverage.

So how can towing and labor help me?

Let’s say you’re cruising down a country back road — no worries in the world, wind blowing through your hair, singing your favorite tune — when all of a sudden your car sputters, chugs, and slowly… just … stops. Uh-oh.

You turn on your hazard lights and pull over to the side of the road. And then you remember (with a sigh of relief) that you’d added towing and labor coverage to your car insurance policy for just-in-case moments like these.

Although you might not know what’s wrong with your car, you can rest assured knowing exactly what is included with your towing and labor coverage. And the best news is it helps pay for more than you probably think (yay!).

There are certain incidents that are typically covered up to the limits on your plan, regardless of which insurer you choose, including:

  • Towing (when it’s not related to an accident)
  • Gas, oil, and water delivery if your ride runs dry
  • Locksmith services if you get locked out
  • Tire changes and jump starts
  • Mechanical labor at the breakdown site

Of course, not all roadside service plans are created equally, so no matter where you buy your coverage, it’s important to ask a licensed agent and/or read the fine print when purchasing your policy.

Need other coverages?

At Esurance, we like to make the insurance process as simple (and affordable!) as possible, which is why we came up with Coverage Counselor®, our nifty online tool that can help you tailor your car insurance coverages to your needs. Play around and see if emergency roadside service and a wealth of other optional coverages can help you get the most out of your car insurance.

Or if you’re ready to get a quote, go for it!


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    I want road service quotes

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    It’s nice of you to sharing about what is towing and labor coverage. I really appreciate you for sharing a great piece of information on web.

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    To where they tow, to your house, to a shop, or wherever you want?

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