Personality Test: Which Movie Motorist Are You?

Check out our (totally non-scientific) driving personality types and find out which movie motorist you resemble.

Driving personality test

When deciding how much car insurance to get, it helps to take inventory of your driving habits. How frequently do you drive? Do passengers often ride with you? Are you a defensive-driving pro or could you use some help in this department? These details are invaluable in matching coverages to your needs.

But why stop there?

After all, if having only a few details can be this useful, then classifying your whole driver personality should make car insurance shopping easier than ever! And, of course, who better to serve as our personality prototypes than some of film’s greatest drivers?

Check out our (totally non-scientific) driving personality test and find out which movie motorist you resemble.

Your driving personality test

Personality A — The Batman Driver

Driving likes: night driving, high-tech anti-theft systems

Driving dislikes: vanity license plates (mostly a Bruce Wayne pet peeve)

Best insurance suggestion: bundling auto and motorcycle policies (seeing as the 2 vehicles are physically attached anyway)

Personality B — The Mad Max Driver

Driving likes: low gas prices, GPS directions to any thunderdomes in the metro area

Driving dislikes: road rage (unless, of course, it’s dystopia-related)

Best insurance suggestion: high limits of uninsured motorist coverage (most road bandits are woefully unprotected)

Personality C — The Speed Driver

Driving likes: attentive OnStar representatives, high-mpg vehicles

Driving dislikes: construction zones, school zones, duck crossings (mercy, can we just keep traffic flowing???)

Best insurance suggestion: make sure salvage-title vehicles are accepted (you know, just in case)

Personality D — The Blues Brothers Driver

Driving likes: ample mall parking, alternative rock stations (oddly)

Driving dislikes: “no-flip” zones

Best insurance suggestion: increased limits of … er — everything

Personality E — The Ghostbusters Driver

Driving likes: ectoplasm wipers, high-tread tires (reliable in snow, sleet, and marshmallow)

Driving dislikes: having your theme song stuck on “repeat” when you’re just going to the dry cleaner’s

Best insurance suggestion: reduce medical payments coverage (no need to worry about ghost passengers’ injuries)

Personality F — The Driving Miss Daisy Driver

Driving likes: obeying the speed limit, transporting your passengers safely, forming beautiful and unlikely friendships(possibly through 20 Questions)

Driving dislikes: drivers who illegally use the carpool lane

Best insurance suggestion: go for a higher deductible and enjoy a lower monthly rate — with your safe-driving habits, you won’t regret it!

Obviously, these car insurance suggestions are purely hypothetical. Check out our insight for real-life (and much better) tips on how to choose the right amount of coverage for your driving personality.

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