A panoramic sunroof.

A built-in vacuum cleaner.

Hot and cold cup holders.

A thumbprint ignition.

A survival kit.

You told us what you thought belonged in the car of tomorrow and we made it happen. Last Sunday, we unveiled our FANtasy Build on the season premiere of West Coast Customs. Here’s how it went down.

The FANtasy Build contest

Way back in April, we had this crazy idea to have West Coast Customs create the most innovative, futuristic car imaginable using fan suggestions — a first for WCC!

We asked you for your innovative, creative, yet still practical ideas, and you responded en masse. Creative? Check. Innovative? Double check. Practical? Well, some more than others.

We sorted through thousands of ideas ranging from the functional (an air-purifying system) to the fun (a see-through car!). It wasn’t easy narrowing them down. But in the end, we chose 5 features that are not only super-cool, but also work together to create a fully functional, fully futuristic, and fully FANtastic car.

Each one of your ideas made us stop and think, “hey, why doesn’t my car have that?” A special shout out to our finalists and our grand-prize winner, Joe.

Building the car of tomorrow

With the ideas in place, we set Ryan and the WCC crew loose to do their thing. And for the last few months, they’ve been working feverishly to turn futuristic ideas into modern-day reality.

Ryan and the guys were able to implement some of the ideas with their usual brand of creative innovation. But others, like the full-roof sunroof, really pushed them to the edge of possibility.

In the end, they delivered … as we knew they would.  Part Bond, part Star Trek, and all WCC, this ride of tomorrow will blow your mind. Check it out!

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