Have you ever wondered if men or women are more likely to get a ticket? Or if speeding tickets are given out more often in certain parts of the U.S.? We certainly have, so we polled more than 850 people from across the country to find out who’s racking up the most traffic tickets and where. Though our sample is relatively small, it still gave us some pretty interesting insight into what’s going on behind the wheel.

Our results suggest that gender and geography both play a role. For instance, we found that men are 13 percent more likely than women to receive speeding tickets. We also found that speeding tickets are more prevalent in Florida than New York.

This infographic highlights some of the most interesting finds from our survey, including the state you’re most likely to get a parking ticket in and the different ways men and women try to get out of tickets (don’t try this at home).

We know you’re too responsible to get a traffic ticket yourself. But if you’re an Esurance policyholder and curious about how a ticket might impact your premium, try our What If® Calculator. With this interactive tool, you can find out how certain “hypotheticals,” like accidents, changing vehicles, moving across the state, and yes, tickets, could influence your rate. Just log into your policy and click on the “Policy Info” tab to access the calculator.

The What If Calculator is a hypothetical estimation tool. To make any policy updates, including reportable claims, please contact Esurance. We store your information for easy retrieval of your estimate and to support investigation of potentially fraudulent activity.

Ticket Talk Infograph

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