Nothing like a sticky drawer to raise your blood pressure. Luckily, the Scott Brothers are here to deliver just what the doctor ordered: a soapy solution to your drawer issue — and some silky-smooth yacht rock to melt away your worries.

DIY Ditty Track #5: Smooth Again

Let’s take it step by step

Smooth out that sticky drawer with a few simple steps.

  1. Check to make sure the wood rails aren’t loose or splintered.
  2. Grab a bar of ordinary bath soap (the plainer, the better) and rub it over the rails.
  3. Slide the drawer along the track to test, applying more soap where needed.


Now take a deep breath. From here on out, it’s smooth sailing.

For every sticking point, a smooth solution

Here are a few more simple solves for other sticky situations.

Sticky door

You could use a liquid lubricant, but the oil will attract more dust and grit. Instead, get your hands on some powdered graphite: a dry lubricant that will need fewer touch-ups. Slide the tip of the bottle as far into the keyhole as it will go (you want the graphite to hit all the pins) and squeeze it gently to release a couple of puffs. Turn the key in the lock a couple of times to distribute throughout. For good measure, rotate the doorknob to retract the latch and repeat the spritz-and-turn process.

Sticky chair

Is it getting harder to take a spin in your home office chair? The culprit could be dirty casters. Give them a good clean in a few simple steps. (Lay out a drop cloth first, since this will get a little messy.) To start, flip over the chair and scrub off surface dirt from each caster with a damp soapy scrub brush. Next, pry off stubborn gunk with a butter knife held parallel to the wheel. Then, use a fine attachment to vacuum out the debris gumming up the internal works (you may need tweezers if you or Fido have long hair). Finally, give the casters a good shine with a little rubbing alcohol. After that, your chair will be ready for another spin.

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Removing stickers and goo

Instead of buying an adhesive remover, just use what you’ve got in your pantry. Combine 2 parts baking soda with 1 part vegetable oil (or 1:1 with melted coconut oil for a smoother consistency). Throw in a little aromatherapy by scenting the mix with essential oils, if you want. The cheap and easy-to-make paste can be used to banish goo from pretty much any hard surface (just apply a dab, let sit a minute, buff off the residue with a soft cloth, and wipe clean with water and soap). Bonus: it lasts indefinitely in a sealed jar at room temperature. So the next time you’re stuck, help will be at the ready.

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