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Interview: AIRPod’s Plans to Change the Automotive Game

“We are changing the whole way that the car industry functions.” AIRPod talks tech, development, and the future of the automotive industry.

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The Surprising Link Between Extreme Weather and Electric Car Range

EV drivers, take note: extremely high or low temperatures can cut your car’s range by as much as 40 percent. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Smart technology | Car tech

Smart Highways and Connected Cars: How Far Have We Come?

With new technologies transforming our cars and roads, the future is looking pretty darn cool (and a whole lot safer).

Smart technology | Car tech

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Smart home

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Panels

Residential installations are on the rise, but there’s still a lot you may not know about home solar technology. Find out what you’re missing.

Smart technology | Smart home

5 Smart Home Innovations From the Future

The next generation of connected technology is promising homeowners more bells, more whistles, and more WOW. Check out these new smart home products you have to see to believe.

Smart technology | Smart home

5 Fast DIY Smart Home Upgrades

Smart home technology is getting less expensive and easier to install and use. Consider these 5 simple, DIY upgrades for a smarter home.

Smart technology | Smart home

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Smart finances

3 Things to Know About Holiday Charitable Giving

Smart donors make sure their holiday charitable giving is going where it’ll do the most good. Here’s how to do it.

Smart technology | Smart finances

4 Innovations That Are Revolutionizing Water (and the Water Bottle)

Some brilliant people are coming up with ways to ditch the plastic water bottle and make water safe, portable, and sustainable. Find out what’s new.

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4 Suprising Things to Consider When Buying a 4K TV

It’s not just about pixels and price anymore. Here are 4 surprising things to consider when buying a 4K TV.

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