Music festivals … we love’em! The bands, the camaraderie, the overpriced but delicious fried food. So, for the fourth year in a row, Esurance was proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Sasquatch! Music Festival at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington.

And as if the 4-day extravaganza wasn’t awesome enough, this year we set out to create an extra-rockin’ experience for one lucky winner (and her 3 lucky friends) with our Sasquatch in Style Sweepstakes. Thousands entered on our Facebook page for a chance to win 4 VIP tickets, $1,000, and one sweet, fully-loaded campsite to call home during the festival. 

The Sasquatch in Style campsite was designed with fun and functionality in mind. The spacious site came with a shade tent (or party hut), a brand new acoustic Fender guitar, beanbag chairs, a wading pool, and a slew of other camping necessities — all sprawled neatly across a grassy slice of heaven and twinkling under the light of a disco ball and the many Washington stars.

For maximum comfort and cleanliness, the entrance to the massive tent was padded with a large, indigo rug. The tent could be separated into two rooms, and had an additional screened-in seating area for those times when our lucky campers needed a break from the abundant sunlight and creepy-crawlies (okay, that last feature may have officially crossed the line into glamping).

During downtime, our winners could play corn hole (with custom decal by Chuggles), hula hoop, hang out in the inflatable pool, or just sit around the table and shoot the breeze with their friends and neighbors. Two decorative lawn flamingos (Frank and Shelly) held down the fort while the campers were away enjoying the music.

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We met with the winner, Keri, and her campsite companions, husband Jarrod and sister Natalie, to see how they were enjoying the digs and to get their insight on surviving at Sasquatch.

How did you guys react to the campsite when you arrived?

We couldn’t believe all the stuff that was here, so we just picked up everything and touched everything! We were really happy. This is 10 times better than we could have imagined. The hula hoops were a big hit — we had a lot of people hula hooping down here.

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How did you spend most of your time at the campsite?

We’re here until 1:00 or 2:00 every day. We’ve played a lot of corn hole … that was fun. We invited anybody who wanted to come to the site to come hang out. Everything was perfect. We felt like there was no way we couldn’t invite people over because we had such a massive space. 

Was this your first Sasquatch experience?

I came last year, but I camped out in the basic camping. I have to say this is way more glamorous. The bathrooms are 10 times nicer over here and you have way more room.

What makes Sasquatch a unique music festival?

It’s such an awesome community. Everyone’s so friendly here. You know that whoever shows up and camps around you … you’re going to end up hanging out with them for that whole time. We used to go to festivals all the time, but when we found out about this one we were so excited, we just wanted to go to it so bad because … how could you beat this [gestures toward mountains]?

Any new favorite bands?
Yeah, Wild Flag. Allen Stone, he was really good.

Which performers were you excited to see?
Portlandia, because I’m from that area. Trampled by Turtles. I wanted to see Little Dragon, Bon Iver. Childish Gambino was great, we got to stand up on the main stage. The Shins. Beck, Tenacious D.

Who was best dressed at Sasquatch?
Fraggle Rock and the Teletubbies, for sure. There was a guy dressed as Gumby. We have a Yellow Crew over here, where they all dressed in yellow and did a parade every day to the festival. You could go over [to join the parade] as long as you put a yellow item on.

Do you have any tips for what to bring to Sasquatch?

Bring extra toilet paper. Make sure you bring lots of water. Sunblock. Bring a hat so your scalp doesn’t get burned! Shell out for premier camping, it’s totally worth it.

Want to know more about what we put in the campsite? Email us for a full list.

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