Some people, it seems, are born safe drivers. There’s Uncle Jay who’s never gotten a speeding ticket in his life. Or your friend Sue who can handle anything the road throws at her with steely calm and unflinching grace. And then there’s the office safe-driving genius who’s practically immune to car accidents.

If you think they owe their safe-driving abilities to plain ole good genes, you’re right!

Safe-driving DNA found

After a decade of intensive research, scientists at the National Human Genome Research Institute have isolated the gene responsible for safe driving. Known to the scientific world as gene SFD-1, mega 11, the safe-driving gene grants resistance to car accidents and speeding tickets for those lucky enough to have inherited this genetic mutation (say what!?).

According to Nance Jeste, PhD, SFD-1 enables drivers with this genetic marker to react to any dangerous driving situation by activating the centers of the brain responsible for instinct, stored memory, and motor skills. In other words, anytime a deer darts into the road, a road-raging driver tailgates, or a flash flood suddenly appears, these drivers (about 7 percent of the population) instinctively know how to react.

More than that, this gene also makes these people naturally cautious, so they’re always prepared for any situation. You can rely on them to have a winter car kit at the ready when driving in the dead of winter. And in case of a flat tire, you can expect them to either have emergency road service or all the gear to change a flat tire (or both).

Safe-driving gene linked to the Silk Road

Like the mutation in the CCR-5 receptor gene that endows descendants of Plague survivors, about 10 percent of Europeans, with resistance to the HIV virus, the safe driving gene can be traced back to those who survived the perils of the Silk Road.

Scientists believe that merchants who routinely traversed the thousands of miles that made up the Silk Road had to be prepared for anything: dust storms, poisonous vipers, intense weather conditions, bandits, etc. Over time, the ability to overcome the dangers of the Silk Road traced a new path in the genome map, which meant traveling safely literally became part of these merchants’ DNA.

And today’s modern motorists who can trace their lineage back to these fearless merchants are born with safe-driving skills hardcoded into their genetic makeup.

What the safe-driving gene means for your car insurance

Okay, so what exactly does the safe-driving gene mean for your car insurance rates? Does it mean an automatic discount for those safe drivers and a rate increase for those of us born without this special DNA?

Well, not exactly.

While car insurance companies always reward good drivers with discounts, this safe-driving gene will have no effect on your rate whatsoever since it doesn’t really exist. (Happy early April Fools’ Day.)

Unfortunately, there are no foolproof ways to be immune to car accidents and tickets, and no shortcuts to safe driving. But if you want to right Mother Nature’s omission and make safe-driving part of your DNA, peruse our safe driving articles for a plethora of safety tips and be prepared for whatever the road throws your way.

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