At Esurance, we’re always looking for new ways to move car insurance forward and make the experience easier for everyone. We were one of the first insurance companies to offer a car repair monitoring service, and now we’re proud to say that we’re the first insurer to integrate this cutting-edge technology into Facebook.

Esurance introduced RepairView™ in 2006 to enhance and expedite the claims experience for its customers. In the early days, if you had a car insurance claim with Esurance and chose to use one of the 1,000+ Esurance-approved E-star facilities, you could log into RepairView to keep track of your repairs online, contact the repair shop directly, find out when the vehicle will be ready for pickup, and more.

Since then, technology has evolved, and so has RepairView. Today, you can access RepairView online or from any smartphone or mobile device. And now, with its cool integration into Facebook, you can have your most recent repair photo posted automatically to your Facebook Wall.

Our goal is to make it easy to keep tabs on your car’s repair and share the progress with your Facebook friends. So if Uncle Hal or your best friend from third grade wants to know how the Blue Beast is doing, they can get the latest updates on Facebook.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Choose an E-star facility for your car’s repair
  • Log into RepairView either online or with Esurance Mobile
  • Click “share on Facebook”
  • Check out new photos of your car’s repair as they post to your Wall

Presto! It’s that easy.

We hope you never get into an accident, but if you need to report a claim with Esurance, RepairView makes it a little bit easier. And thanks to RepairView’s integration with Facebook, you can now keep everyone in your social network in the loop.

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