Popular Car Colors and What They Say About You

What’s written in the stars (or at least the owner’s manual) about your personality?

popular car colors

Our cars, in many ways, are reflections of ourselves. A hybrid model, for example, tends to signal an owner who cares about the environment, while a heavy-duty truck often implies an outdoorsy type or do-it-yourselfer. And a minivan that reads “Baby on Board” almost always indicates a driver who hasn’t had the time to shop for bumper stickers lately.

But one lesser-known way we can project our personalities is through the color we choose for our cars. While most of us only consider our ride’s tint a minor aesthetic detail, studies from CNW Marketing and Churchill Motor Insurance suggest that car color is more than just Plexiglass-deep.

So if car color and personality do go hand in hand, what does your vehicle’s paint job say about you?

Least popular car color: green

Popularity: Used by 3 percent of population.

Driver indications: Extremely confident, prone to dramatic mood swings

Our take: As this happens to be the car color of this humble scribe’s ride, I can say with complete confidence that green … was the only option left at the dealership.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a green car … the alignment of the stars suggests you’re destined to find true love — or at least an embarrassing individual who looks remarkably like me waving ecstatically at you, his car-color twin (please wave back, please?).

Fifth most popular car color: blue

Popularity: Used by 8 percent of population.

Driver indications: Cautious, quiet, loyal, confident (if dark blue), insecure (if light blue), fairly even-keeled  

Our take: If these guys are any indication, there’s no limit to what donning this shade can do for a person.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a blue car … you’ll find yourself making cautious decisions on the road — like obeying the speed limit or choosing a cup instead of cone when you get ice cream.

Fourth most popular car color: red

Popularity: Used by 10 percent of population.

Driver indications: Anxious, fiery and impetuous, energetic, quick-thinking

Our take: Not even the “Sean Connery” GPS voice setting can best a fresh coat of red paint when it comes to making a car seem like it’s way more handsome, polished, and charming than whatever you’re stuck driving.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a red car … you will not (repeat NOT) automatically pay more for car insurance.

That’s right. We at Esurance are happy to put that false, chromatic-based cliché to bed in our insight exposing the myth that red cars cost more to insure.

Third most popular car color: silver

Popularity: Used by 16 percent of population.

Driver indications: Self-assured, unfailing, calm, almost aloof

Our take: The silver lining to sitting through all this psychology? Your car still looks so cool

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a silver car … an amazing opportunity will soon arise, er, maybe already has (depending on how much you’re valuing the opportunity to read this right now).

Second most popular car color: black

Popularity: Used by 19 percent of population.

Driver indications: Emotionally steady, elegant

Our take: As is standing policy at Esurance, if it’s good enough for Batman, it’s aces in our book.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a black car with vanity plates and you parked in the back lot … your lights are on.

Most popular car color: white

Popularity: Used by 21 percent of population.

Driver indications: Fairly confident, slightly moody, resilient/bordering-on-unbreakable (the sheer number of car washings alone!)

Our take: Classic and simple, hard to beat.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a white car … someone will soon contact you (I’m sensing it will be with “wash me” on your back windshield).

Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments section!

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187 Responses to “Popular Car Colors and What They Say About You”

  1. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    911 Guy
    August 2, 2013 #

    Pretty good. My wife drives a dark red, not fire engine red, car. My current ride is an off-white color. Always liked white cars. I am slightly moody (grouchy is more accurate) and I am confident almost to the point of arrogance.

  2. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 3, 2013 #

    Our car color is "stone something?' The color changes with lighting, dark days vs sunny days.
    I can look (and has been listed) as gold, silver, tan and grey.

    I'm going to have written on my obituary "He never bought a foreign car" God bless America!!

  3. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 5, 2013 #

    Your Company uses dark blue for its color and suggests you are insecure…..is this why you need a hollywood celebrity as a spokesperson for your Company?

  4. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 5, 2013 #

    You can easily find a bright red car in a parking lot. That is what drew me to a red car after years of an indistinguishable grey car.

  5. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 9, 2013 #

    What is most interesting to me is the description of all the cars people have or have had as if anyone but them really cares about that. I have never bought a car based on color, just on the best bargain I could make & I'm sure no one cares about that either.

  6. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 11, 2013 #

    "ONLY GENIUS PICK GREEN…."- Meet the Parents.

  7. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    Anne Horn
    August 17, 2013 #

    I have an F350, silver (wanted a 4wheel drive w/back seat, and a long bed) only because it was that color and the only one on the lot fitting our requirements. Silver is a very weak color compared to other colors. Will never own red on purpose, too expensive to repaint due to the gold in the paint.
    My car is charcoal gray, once again due to the fact that it had the features I wanted when I bought the car. I have never really bought a vehicle due to color choice. So what does that say about me?? LOL

  8. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 17, 2013 #

    I work at a large auto dealership. Drive thru our lot at any time, and the only cars that look clean….. the white ones, then silver, etc. the darker the color the more they show dirt. I'm not talking mud, I'm talking it hasn't rained in 30 days and my car still looks clean dirt.

  9. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 18, 2013 #

    White is hard to keep clean? No, that would be black. Most dust and road dirt is light enough to be well hidden on white but, shows no mercy on a black background (car).

  10. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 18, 2013 #

    So. I'm color blind…. Hmmmm
    Just not much to be said about me.

  11. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 18, 2013 #

    Well…well…Car colors lovers: When I was in college, I had a 1956 Black Ford Convertible with red interior and white top. Beautiful,but then I went to Nam and had to sell it. When I came back I bought a black 1959 220S Mercedes Sedan with a removable canvas top. Then, I had several Triumphs…White, Red and British Racing Green. Now, I have a 1996 White Tacoma Truck, a 1992 Silver Toyota Corolla (220 K miles) and still perfect and a Classic 560SL (Teal with tan leather interior and only 36K miles). All my ladies friends are blond green or blue eyes and enjoy going out with me in my Mercedes around the Beautiful Rocky Mountains.

    • Avatar for Alex Glenn
      September 2, 2013 #

      May your life someday be as wonderful and mystical as you present it on Facebook.

      • Avatar for Alex Glenn
        another car guy
        September 12, 2013 #

        I've owned just about every "regular" color car there is. Red, blue, green, white, black, grey, not to mention different shades of some. So what is thought about me changes with each car? Hmmmmm.

      • Avatar for Alex Glenn
        Marguerite Clem
        September 16, 2013 #

        May I borrow this sentence and post it to my FB page ? Please

      • Avatar for Alex Glenn
        February 8, 2014 #

        Mr. G did sound nostalgic, didn't he Trix? my first car was a '64 brand new VW bug with an aluminum luggage rack! totaled it driving on a trip that next year. all's well though. next car was a maroon '67 Nova which my future husband and I drove for many years 'til he got his first brand new '72 Malibu! zowie, with 5-speed on the floor. (that replaced his white '57 Ford (with actual holes worn thru the floorboard on the passenger side). During our married life we went through several cars (all used) and finally in '98 a new litle forest green JEEP! from then on I was an official JEEPSTER! such a fun car. My favorite was a '2004 YELLOW Jeep with stick shift and a black canvas top. Today, I drive a mini-van (easier to travel in), champagne in color….wonderfully comfortable car for my 70-year-old bod.

    • Avatar for Alex Glenn
      Caroline Jenkins
      October 17, 2013 #

      Well, aren't you special? And I mean that in a nice way. You have run the board!

  12. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    Lady G.T.
    August 19, 2013 #

    I think black should be the most popular car color, because it's mysterious, elegant, stylish and simply beautiful, depending on what type of car you have. I have a black IS 250, and it's chromed out with 20inch wheels. It is so sleek, stylish, and simply beautiful….

    • Avatar for Alex Glenn
      Edgar Skinner
      December 7, 2013 #

      I spent 17 years in the Funeral Business because I wanted to drive a big black car and not have to pay for the gas.

      • Avatar for Alex Glenn
        February 9, 2014 #

        Forward Thinking.

  13. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 20, 2013 #

    What about deep yellow, Brown, pink, purple, etc?

  14. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 21, 2013 #

    I've enjoyed all the discussion… And I'm stickin' with ORANGE!!!

    • Avatar for Alex Glenn
      November 4, 2013 #

      I'm with you Bob ….. Orange! We like to stand out, an individual,not following in everyone else's casual choices!

  15. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 27, 2013 #

    What about a burgundy color? Or perhaps the make. Mine being a burgundy Saturn :)

  16. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    John Walters
    August 27, 2013 #

    Silver for me, but then again I have graying hair. M3 convertible with a black interior. Did not buy it for looks, but it looks pretty good. It has to have a good looking ass because that's all you're going to see, getting smaller, oh wait it's gone.

  17. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 28, 2013 #

    Ridiculous – the most popular car colors are (in varying order depending on demographic) Black, White, Silver, Gold (Beige), and Dark Grey. Dark Grey is a huge segment with various tints of blue, brown or green added. Black is far more difficult to keep looking clean than White so why all the comments about washing White cars? The significance of automobile color also varies widely depending on where one lives as well as the type of car. A Black minivan in Arizona makes a different statement than a Black Mustang in Vermont. On the plus side for the piece, the author's self-deprecating jokes were cute.

    • Avatar for Alex Glenn
      August 29, 2013 #

      I thought the exact same thing about black vs white vehicles and keeping them clean. Everyone knows if you want to not ever have to wash, get a white or silver car, if you like washing after every little thing, then get black. I'm not sure the author has ever driven white or black, it's not like clothing which is more of what he's referring to.

    • Avatar for Alex Glenn
      August 31, 2013 #

      How was that study conducted? If it depended on sales where colors offered are limited. Those results are not reliable. I was forced to lease a silver car because it was the only light color other than white available. This time the dealer located a light blue car but it is 300 miles away. It is the only one on that lot. I refuse to lease another drab silver car. When it comes to cars, 50 shades of grey is not exciting.

  18. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 29, 2013 #

    What happened to the other 23% of the car colors?

  19. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 30, 2013 #

    Most of my cars have been white. My next one will be too. Shows dirt less than others.
    "Fairly confident, slightly moody, resilient/bordering-on-unbreakable" is pretty much correct!

  20. Avatar for Alex Glenn
    August 31, 2013 #

    My lease is up soon so I went car shopping last last week. 95% of the cars on the lot were black, white, grey or silver. Most of those were grey and silver. It reminded me of Communist China when the entire population wore the same grey jacket. It was depressing and boring. We have become a nation forced to drive around in drab looking cars because little else is offered. Next time you're at a stop light. Notice the many grey or silver cars around you. Are they really that beautiful or just dull and lifeless. They blend in with the asphalt making them look drab on the road. Black cars are nice but attract too much heat in sunny South Florida and white requires constant cleaning. Want something different then you have to wait weeks for it. Why? What is wrong with a little color? I'm not talking about bright bold colors. I'm talking about subtle elegant colors. Look at Volkswagen. They know how to do color. AS for myself I'd rather have a powder blue car with a light beige interior. I think that combination is both elegant and sexy.

    and don't get me started on black interiors……

    • Avatar for Alex Glenn
      September 12, 2013 #

      I agree!! I despise grey & silver cars…SO BORING.

      • Avatar for Alex Glenn
        January 11, 2014 #


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