Popular Car Colors and What They Say About You

What’s written in the stars (or at least the owner’s manual) about your personality?

popular car colors

Our cars, in many ways, are reflections of ourselves. A hybrid model, for example, tends to signal an owner who cares about the environment, while a heavy-duty truck often implies an outdoorsy type or do-it-yourselfer. And a minivan that reads “Baby on Board” almost always indicates a driver who hasn’t had the time to shop for bumper stickers lately.

But one lesser-known way we can project our personalities is through the color we choose for our cars. While most of us only consider our ride’s tint a minor aesthetic detail, studies from CNW Marketing and Churchill Motor Insurance suggest that car color is more than just Plexiglass-deep.

So if car color and personality do go hand in hand, what does your vehicle’s paint job say about you?

Least popular car color: green

Popularity: Used by 3 percent of population.

Driver indications: Extremely confident, prone to dramatic mood swings

Our take: As this happens to be the car color of this humble scribe’s ride, I can say with complete confidence that green … was the only option left at the dealership.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a green car … the alignment of the stars suggests you’re destined to find true love — or at least an embarrassing individual who looks remarkably like me waving ecstatically at you, his car-color twin (please wave back, please?).

Sixth most popular car color: blue

Popularity: Used by 8 percent of population.

Driver indications: Cautious, quiet, loyal, confident (if dark blue), insecure (if light blue), fairly even-keeled  

Our take: If these guys are any indication, there’s no limit to what donning this shade can do for a person.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a blue car … you’ll find yourself making cautious decisions on the road — like obeying the speed limit or choosing a cup instead of cone when you get ice cream.

Fourth most popular car color: red

Popularity: Used by 10 percent of population.

Driver indications: Anxious, fiery and impetuous, energetic, quick-thinking

Our take: Not even the “Sean Connery” GPS voice setting can best a fresh coat of red paint when it comes to making a car seem like it’s way more handsome, polished, and charming than whatever you’re stuck driving.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a red car … you will not (repeat NOT) automatically pay more for car insurance.

That’s right. We at Esurance are happy to put that false, chromatic-based cliché to bed in our insight exposing the myth that red cars cost more to insure.

Third most popular car color: silver

Popularity: Used by 16 percent of population.

Driver indications: Self-assured, unfailing, calm, almost aloof

Our take: The silver lining to sitting through all this psychology? Your car still looks so cool

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a silver car … an amazing opportunity will soon arise, er, maybe already has (depending on how much you’re valuing the opportunity to read this right now).

Second most popular car color: black

Popularity: Used by 19 percent of population.

Driver indications: Emotionally steady, elegant

Our take: As is standing policy at Esurance, if it’s good enough for Batman, it’s aces in our book.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a black car with vanity plates and you parked in the back lot … your lights are on.

Most popular car color: white

Popularity: Used by 21 percent of population.

Driver indications: Fairly confident, slightly moody, resilient/bordering-on-unbreakable (the sheer number of car washings alone!)

Our take: Classic and simple, hard to beat.

Horoscope outlook: If you drive a white car … someone will soon contact you (I’m sensing it will be with “wash me” on your back windshield).

Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments section!

150 Responses to “Popular Car Colors and What They Say About You”

  1. Linda garris (@linda_garris)
    February 25, 2014 #

    White,white,silver,silver,gold,silver,silver now green. Pretty metalliciy greene camry. I like it. Funny thing never saw anyone w this color till i bought it,then saw quite a few. Confident? Idk. Im an RN im old now. Like white and silver,but love my green car. Had it a year and havent washed it. Doesnt look dirty.maybe my eyes? I did get wash me" on my two white corrolas. Always drive Toyota,what does that say? Cant bring myself to buy a different brand. Linda philly.

  2. Bern Doner
    February 25, 2014 #

    Hi. Once my white Buick LeSabre really started to fade from acid rain I painted it purple, w/metallic under tones that sparkled in sunlight. It was glorious, and big enough to carry it off. I got more complements on that car than any other auto, and more folks went to get their cars painted. Especially easy to find, always 'royal' and very confident. Men and women both complimented me on it, and little girls adored it.

  3. Julie pendley
    March 4, 2014 #

    One glaring problem — black is way harder to keep clean than white! White cars look much cleaner bc the dust doesn't show up like it does on a black car. It's actually the EASIEST to keep clean. Get two cars, a white and a black and test my theory if u don't believe it! You will find the white car is a dream while the black (tho it is my fav) is a NIGHTMARE. Buy a nice chamois, u will need one.

  4. Marina
    April 1, 2014 #

    All my car were the "only option left at dealership" or whatever the gal/guy selling a ultra-cheap clunker had. Incidentally, this was almost always white, except the two green cars I have had.
    My current car is white, bought at the end-of-season sale. There was a black one too, but the white one came with a much better stereo, no extra charge!
    So what my cars say about me is really that I'm a cheapskate. And prefer a good stereo to an ordinary one. I'm sure I'm really unique!

  5. Bill Hindman
    April 3, 2014 #

    This article reminds me of a saying that I have heard (and considered wise) all of my life: Don't buy a horse because of its color!

  6. Lea
    April 12, 2014 #

    I have a black sapphire metallic 328i bmw and my husband has a white diamond cadillac escalade… He swears his stays cleaner…… I concede that black does tend to show dirt more so than the white, but the black is so much more pretty and sexy, than the white……. I Love my Black Sapphire Metallic Bimmer! I've had Graphite,Hunter Green,White Diamond[my CTS],Carmine Red[my Saab],Robin Egg Blue[Toyota], a Dark Blue Metallic 318i Bimmer and a Saffron colored Subaru…….. I liked them all, but Truly my all time fav, is my Bimmer..

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